Пицца, Коктейль-бары, Гриль, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя A$16 - A$30
306 Riverside Dr, Восток Перт
Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
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Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
+ 17 фото Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
+ 16 фото Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
+ 14 фото Фотография The Point Bar & Grill
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Восток Перт, Западная Австралия, Австралия

После прогулки у Ozone Reserve вы можете заглянуть в этот бар неподалёку. В этом заведении посетители могут попробовать хорошие говяжьи щечки, пряный кальмар и устриц. The Point Bar & Grill славится аппетитным шоколадным фонданом, пудингом и тортом павлова. Закажите неплохое пиво, вино или шампанское. Если вы любите хороший эспрессо, вам понравится этот напиток здесь.

В этом месте можно насладиться живой музыкой. Множество гостей пишут, что персонал в этом заведении терпеливый. Вы обязательно оцените очаровательную фоновую музыку и великолепный интерьер. Этот бар имеет оценку 4.2 на Google.

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Melanie Rowe
Went there for a late lunch today which was all good. Spoke to the Restaurant manager about booking a function (which they promote on their website) and she was so incredibly rude and uninterested I was actually gobsmacked. I think if the owners on her manager knew how deplorable her behaviour they would also be in shock as they just lost a lot of business. Very disappointing to say the least.
Jamie Harrold
Came here for our 5 year anniversary dinner, as our first date was here 5 years ago. They did not disappoint. Attentive service (they knew it was our anniversary and gave us special attention), delectable food and great drinks menu. Thoroughly recommended. 5/5.
William Buck
I honestly don't think I can adequately articulate my dining experience at The Point Bar & Grill..In short, the highlight of our night was possibly parking our cars and the post dinner drink at Embargo.Our group arrived sporadically and as each person arrived our waitress came to ask "are you ready to order drinks?", we finally suggested that she come back in a bit to give our entire group the chance to look over the menu and decide.. Her response... *Eye roll* "I've come back and asked like 4 times.."We were also asked if we would like some water, we were only given the option of still or sparkling and we asked for still.. were delighted (sarcasm) to later find that were were charged $5 per bottle for the privilege... These bottles were generic glass bottles with a 'The Point Bar & Grill' sticker slapped on them..Next came the ordering of drinks which even after being ordered didn't end up arriving to us.We were seated on the restaurant side and decided that we would option for a more relaxed affair and asked to relocate to the bar side... No issues there, things had to be looking up!!Once settled at our new table we proceeded to order various mains and drinks (see above for why we had to order new drinks)..The food (whilst tasty and hot) arrived in an un-organised mess... Staff didn't know what they were bring out, table numbers were removed before all the meals were brought out and items from the same order were being brought out at random items... Suffice to say, it appears that the lack-luster service had followed us to our new table we weren't having a good time on that front!Staff behind the bar were also a little underwhelming... Whilst placing my order the staff member I was dealing with stopped mid sentence to start chatting to their work mate about a mixer she had accidentally used in a previous order... Once done I was re-asked 'what my order was?'...Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be returning to The Point Bar & Grill... The location is to die for but with the calamity of service issues we experienced I think my money is better spent elsewhere.
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306 Riverside Dr, Восток Перт, Западная Австралия, Австралия
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