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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $ 95 - 190
1722 Sacramento Street NEAR VAN NESS &, Polk St, Сан-Франциско
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Powell Street
Проложить маршрут 1722 Sacramento Street NEAR VAN NESS &, Polk St
Сан-Франциско, Калифорния, США

После прогулки у Nob Hill вы можете заглянуть в этот ресторан неподалёку. В Acquerello попробуйте блюда итальянской кухни. Вам понравятся аппетитные равиоли с фуа-гра, фуа-гра и амюз-буш. В этом месте можно заказать неплохое бискотто, джелато с голубикой и канноли. Это заведение известно хорошим вермутом, портвейном или марсалой. Обязательно посетите это заведение, если вы хотите попробовать хороший сок, итальянский эспрессо или молочный чай с шариками.

Если вы планируете устроить банкет в честь дня рождения, годовщины, свадьбы или любое другое застолье, то советуем обратить внимание именно на этот ресторан. Большинство гостей говорят, что персонал здесь приветливый. Клиентам нравится восхитительный сервис. В Acquerello привлекательные цены. Вы обязательно оцените впечатляющую атмосферу и великолепный интерьер. Эксперты агентства Frommer's присвоили этому месту 3 звезды.

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WOW WOW WOW! Decided to do an early  V Day dinner because the week's menu looked really good with the Maine lobster tail entree and I'm sure glad we did it! This meal is in my top 2 best and favorite takeout meal during the pandemic for sure! The price was not cheap but it was totally worth it! Curbside pickup was a snap with only 1 other customer ahead of me when I arrived on a Saturday at 5:20pm and drove back home to San Mateo to reheat and prep. Full detailed instructions on 1 page was included on how to get this yummy meal done. I like cooking and multi course meals so doing this was enjoyable. If you just want to get your takeout food and be able to eat it right away or quickly reheat it in the oven or microwave, then this may not be the best food option for you. The whole experience of prepping and eating took a little over 1.5 hours at home but I enjoyed every second of it because I would not typically be able to make such pretty dishes with so many complex ingredients at home. I had to air fry (oven is the recommended way), boil and saute so 2 sauce pans, a frying pan and air fryer were used to put this ensemble together. My wife didn't have the patience to do all this so she was more than glad that I liked doing it. Every dish was delicious and the whole experience was quite rewarding! I highly recommend it especially for those who like to cook!! Appetizer: Saffron and parmesan arancini (deelish and crunchy after reheating) Course 1: Baby beet salad, roasted garlic and tahini vinaigrette, sunchoke and mizuna (I LOVE beets and this salad was soooo good with the various beet preparation methods) Course 2: Whole wheat mafaldine, wild boar sugo, juniper, rosemary, pecorino sardo (The pasta was sooo good since you can taste the hand made freshness and it was cooked perfectly al dente. The wild boar taste was perfect and not overwhelming) Course 3: Butter poached Maine lobster, Tokyo turnip and green garlic veloute (Main star of the show and I was not disappointed. The lobster was sweet, fresh and had a nice bite to it. The green garlic veloute was so good that I saved the leftover sauce to go with chicken breasts I had the next day!) Course 4: Lime and cardamom parfait with lime curd and cardamom sable (This was a bit on the tart side but it was still very yummy. It does not look like much but it was very filling after that meal.) Extra: Almond biscotti (Best biscotti I ever had. So light, airy and flavorful) I was stuffed after all that food and there were pasta and dessert leftovers. That was my first visit to Acquerello and it won't be my last that's for sure! It's a nice yummy meal at a reasonable price. This place will be on my go to options list for special occasion fine dining!
Ordered Acquerello at Home this weekend to celebrate my sister's 40th birthday and it was amazing. I have ordered nicer takeout meals suring SIP before for special occasions and to support my favorite restaurants, but this one was memorable for a few reasons. 1. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. We had the chicory and citrus salad that was delicious and came with all of the salad toppings (hearts of palm, meyer lemon buttermilk vinaigrette and citrus and ricotta salata. Spaghetti and bottarga (salted, cured fish roe) which was very unique and had a nice salty flavor. For the main we had hangar steak which was cooked perfectly and when reheated did not get overcooked. This came with chanterelle mushrooms and a potato puree that was so fluffy and delicious. For dessert we had the warm cinnamon apple and macadamia cake which had a gooey sweet center. Everyone said it was the best SIP meal they'd had so far :) 2. EASY TO REHEAT (It too about 15-20 mins total) I got a 5 course meal at another nice spot that literally took me 1 hr to prep and plate and at that point I started to question if I should've just cooked everything. The instructions are easy and most involve just pre-heating the over to reheat for 3-6 mins. The pasta dish we got required just a quick boil of pasta and pan sauté with the sauce. 3. GREAT PICK UP SERVICE - When I arrived to pick up - I pulled up and someone came out immediately to get my name and bring my meal out to me. 2 people actually helped load my car and were so nice. They also packed everything separate for us as we were celebrating between 2 different households and zooming to 'have dinner together' so that helped with covid logistics. It was my sister's birthday and they included a little note and special treat for her and everything felt so special which made the occasion great even though we could not eat out in a restaurant. We plan to continue to support our favorite restaurants by ordering take out, but thank you Acquerello for making this meal so special!
Such a refreshing experience! After a year of COVID takeouts, it was so nice to get a hot, freshly-cooked multi-course meal! Of course, their "kits" require you to have an oven, a stove, a pot, and a dishwasher (you will generate a lot of dirty dishes). But it was nice to not eat a lukewarm meal out of a takeout box for once. The food was as delicious as it would have been in the restaurant. They put a lot of thought into dishes that will travel well and can easily be plated at home. Definitely still a special place, even during a pandemic.
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Powell Street
1722 Sacramento Street NEAR VAN NESS &, Polk St, Сан-Франциско, Калифорния, США
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