Португальская, Винные бары, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 12:30
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя 45-150 €
R. de Entre-Quintas 220, Порту
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После посещения этого бара можно насладиться прогулкой с видом на Museu Romantico. Меню Antiqvvm специализируется на португальской кухне. Вы всегда можете заказать здесь изумительные гребешки, лосося и суп. Зайдите в это место, чтобы попробовать вкусно приготовленный парфе.

Здесь большой выбор вин. Клиенты считают, что в этом заведении неплохой кортадо. По отзывам гостей, персонал здесь приветливый. По словам посетителей, сервис восхитительный. Гости этого бара утверждают, что цены тут доступные. Большинство посетителей отмечают, что здесь превосходный интерьер и уютная атмосфера. Многие гости поставили Antiqvvm оценку 4.2 на Zomato.

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We've been to several Michelin one-star restaurants in London & Spain, but this one was off its mark on the day we attended.  We're challenging:  a fish-eating vegan & a Celiac patron who must avoid gluten and cross-contamination.  We found the restaurant hard to find, so look closely at a map and leave time to be lost getting there (signage is poor and it's off a street & parking lot).  The setting was magical.  The AC inside was only cooling to about 75 degrees for our window table.  Food was interesting, delicious, and suitable for the ranking.  The local breads were varied and something we didn't come across in our travels.  Fish dishes were varied & tasty.  On the downside, the service was not up to par.  We had to ask numerous times for the water we purchased & finally ended up serving ourselves.  We did the full tasting menu & wine pairings, excluding dishes that couldn't be modified to accommodate our dietary needs.  The wine pairings were generally very inexpensive (not a problem if good wines!), and also disappointing.  The sommelier seemed uninformed & a couple of times interrupted her pouring when plates arrived so we ended up with partial pours & presentations.  None of the served wines were on the wine list and several were non-vintage.  The wait staff and the chef insisted (incorrectly) that the stout beer included in one dessert did not contain gluten.  After some discussion they brought a gluten-free replacement. For us, it was a very unsettling experience.  Would definitely recommend that instead of the wine pairings you select your wine from the wine list.
Nice place, good food and wine, especially the seafood!!
The food, wine and staff were all extraordinary!! It is a beautiful restaurant and chef Vitor Matos is extremely talented, attentive and kind. We were so happy and honored to have had an opportunity to have met him! It was overall an unforgettable experience and we can highly recommend anyone going to Antiqvvm.
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R. de Entre-Quintas 220, Порту, Португалия
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