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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $10-25
1215 Post Rd, Фэрфилд
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Фотография BFF Grill
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Фотография BFF Grill
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I made the mistake of chosing BFF for my food at today's Harbor Beer fest. They were woefully unprepared to deal with an event of this size. After waiting for over 1 hour and 20 minutes (for one sandwich), in a crowd of similarly frustrated patrons, my order was yet to be prepared. The other members of my party ordered their food from other trucks, ate, and returned to the event. I had still not received my food. The staff members out front had no answers to the problems going on, only vague excuses.At that point, in order to enjoy what remained of the event, I walked away, forfeiting the money I had paid, and never eating. This was an all around poor, poor, negative experience.
I initially had a negative rating. But BFF Grill stepped up. The realized they were behind, they had great customer service and made good on a long wait time. Was it longer than expected? Yes. But they stepped up. ???????????????? suggested. The food was great.
The slowest service ever.
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1215 Post Rd, Фэрфилд, Коннектикут, США, 06824-6007
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