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430 Dauphine St, Новый Орлеан
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Фотография Bayona
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Фотография Bayona
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«Excellent food and friendly service in Bayona»

Recently, we had a reservation in Bayona. It’s a nice restaurant located in New Orleans that pleased us with good food, nice service, and cozy atmosphere.

It should be mentioned that the menu consists of many items so you have a great choice of appetizers and main courses. The duck and the goat cheese tart is delicious. Pork chop and salmon are perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. The serving leaves a particularly positive impression. We also tried the garlic soup, which we liked, but the main dishes were the real stars. A wonderful wine list and an amazing ambiance let you enjoy your meal and relax.

It’s a perfect place for spending your evening with friends or family, or even for having a date. The staff is attentive, accommodating and presents good customer service.

All in all, a comfortable atmosphere and a great view of the French Quarter are what you get visiting Bayona. Do miss the opportunity to taste its great food, We recommend this place to all our users.

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Amazing food!!! We loved our visit to Bayona. I had oysters, grilled shrimp, and pecan tart for dessert. All were amazing. This restaurant should get a Michelin Star. The wait staff were knowledgeable and very professional. Try it you will love it.
The service was excellent. Every bite was scrumptious!
Omg the meringue dessert ,, I will never forget it
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430 Dauphine St, Новый Орлеан, Луизиана, США
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