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Фотография Beyond Burger Bar
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Фотография Beyond Burger Bar
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Фотография Beyond Burger Bar
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Обязательно загляните в Beyond Burger Bar, если окажетесь неподалёку от Collage Children's Museum. Здесь можно заказать блюда вегетарианской кухни. Вы можете заказать здесь аппетитные вегетарианские гамбургеры, но гости невысоко оценивают это место на рейтинговом агентстве Yelp.

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Frozen patty, bun was burnt. I was not impressed with the Beyond burger. I think the Impossible burger at Hopdoddy or White Castle is the superior option.
I want to preface this review by saying I'm a huge fan of Beyond Meat products, so I was stoked when I saw the stand at Whole Foods.  Well, starting with the lackluster greeting I received the hamburger and fries I ordered were less than that.  The burger was overcooked, the bun was not as fresh as one would expect from Whole Foods.  And, the fries were so over salted I had to ask for another order.  The second serving was salt free, but so oily they were not edible. Terrible service and subpar preparation of good product.  They also use canola oil for the french fries, which is not very healthy.
I've never been a burger person, but I am all about the accoutrements. I've been jonesing for a Beyond Meat Burger but did not want to commit to buying the burgers, all 6 buns that come in a package, and all the fixings. Well this Beyond Burger Bar was the answer to my burning beyond burger desire. I ordered the burger with cheese and it came with a bunch of yummy toppings. They told me the wait would be 8-10 minutes and that was optimism at its finest. It took over 20 minutes to get my burger, but it was tasty. This Whole Foods is a bit of a cluster, but they sure do deliver on vegan options!
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2905 Pearl St, Боулдер, Колорадо, США, 80301
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