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14742 Oxnard St, Лос-Анджелес
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Фотография Bill's Hamburgers
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Фотография Bill's Hamburgers
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В этом ресторане стоит попробовать изумительные гамбургеры, двойной чизбургер и бекон. С точки зрения посетителей, здесь подают неплохой лимонад или хороший кофе. В Bill's Hamburgers можно вкусно пообедать на открытой террасе. Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом месте отличный. Клиентам нравится великолепный сервис. Цены здесь умеренные. Атмосфера в этом заведении уютная. Этот ресторан имеет рейтинг 4.5 на Yelp.

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Bill's is perhaps the main reason I don't go to In-N-Out all that much. That's not to say I don't like In-N-Out, or places like The Apple Pan or even Father's Office...but whenever I'm craving a burger, I go to Bill. When you visit this unassuming stand, you'll likely be seated next to plenty of regulars. That should tell you all you need to know. Like many people in Los Angeles, my family lives out of state, and when they visited their first stop was always In-N-Out. One day, I took them to Bill's and now this is their go to burger spot as well. The burgers are consistently delicious and juicy...I can't even put into words why it's so good. It's just something you have to try. I love the relaxed, small town vibe I get. I frequently see the same patrons and I forget that I'm in a big city....not something you get often in L.A. I only see Bill, Douglas and Hiroko when I visit, but yet they feel like an extension of my family, and that's something I greatly appreciate. Obviously doesn't hurt that the burgers are fantastic and the prices are low. Give yourself an hour or so if you're eating here, this isn't Burger King. Bill's gets busy (because his burgers are that good) and a man in his 90's can only move so fast. As should be expected with someone who is visibly old school, it's a cash only spot. Unless you're a bit of jerk, you can't help but be charmed by the whole vibe. This place has character AND delicious burgers. That's worthy of 5 stars in my book.
I have to rate 2 stars without even trying the food due to the fact the service stinks but because of the exaggerated reviews, I decided to be open minded.  A few months back, there were several people sitting on the benches waiting for their burgers and out comes a middle aged guy who says they ran out of hamburger buns or meat or something like that and it would be a 40 min wait. Really???? This is a Thurs at 230-3. Yesterday, close to 330 pm I pull up to ask them if they are open (there were no cars in the lot)  and Hiroko says "We are closed now (closing time is 4 btw) because we ran out of meat. After racing to the ATM to get cash because they don't take credit cards (ummm, this is 2019, not the 50s) this is what I get-I was annoyed. No urgency to cater to the customer probably because they don't need money and don't report it to the IRS. I'm a little confused as to what the hype is about. Their service sucks. I guess when you get a bunch of hungry vultures who like "cheap food" it's 5 stars all around. I live about 3 miles away but I won't kill myself to go to Bill's Burgers again unless I happen to pass through and it's convenient for me. Do people work?? If you want good burgers go to Beeps, the original 50s joint, nearby close to Van Nuys Flyaway and they don't shut down when they run out of meat or buns AND they take credit and debit cards. People don't waste your time because the reviews said so!
The prime definition of a hole in the wall. Surrounded by industrial looking buildings/businesses up the wazoo, Bill's Hamburgers dishes out simple, but delicious burgers. The wait times can get up there as they only have a small grill to work with, but the end result is spectacular. It actually tastes really similar to an In-N-Out burger, so if you're like me and unable to ever eat here, you can get your fix by going to In-N-Out. Note: They don't have fries. Despite that, very friendly service and a delicious burger make this a solid choice all around!
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14742 Oxnard St, Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США
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