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8175 MN-7, Миннетриста
Фотография Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque
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Фотография Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque
Фотография Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque
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Здесь гости могут попробовать неплохую говяжью грудинку, говяжьи ребрышки и сэндвичи с грудинкой. По словам посетителей, персонал здесь гостеприимный. Хороший сервис - большой плюс этого барбекю. Гости оценивают Buddy Boy Fine Barbeque на Yelp на 4.5.

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Buddy Boy's is truly fine Barbeque.  So much so they get the full eight letters not the shortened 3 version.  I visited today for a late lunch and was so warmly greeted by the owners. As I was being given a tour of the menu I was generously handed a luscious sample of beef brisket.  Talk about baiting the hook!  I was caught!! I ordered their Big Buddy 15 sandwich.  What a handful of sumptuous bbq.  This sandwich is piled high with pulled pork, beef brisket, a smoked sausage and ginger cole slaw.  Check out the photo. Amazing barbecue doesn't need sauce and this sandwich was amazing all by itself - moist, smoky and satisfying.  I ordered a side of their homemade kimchi.  How often do you find homemade kimchi in MN. So good. Now I had my hands full when another bbq angel stopped by the table with a sample of smoked turkey wild rice soup!  You can't say no, so I didn't.  This soup was rich, flavorful and the wild rice was tender with a touch of crunch. Perfect! This was my first but not my last visit to Buddy Boy. I highly recommend you check it out.  Bring a group and order everything.  Beer & Wine also available Dec'19 Back again a few weeks since last time. Had to try the ribs and the burnt end herbed potato salad sounded too good to pass up. 2 ribs made a 1/2 pound, one was an end cut and thus a hearty size.  The meat is so rich that 2 bones satisfied my hunger.  The potato salad was amazing with generous portions of burnt ends.  Overall a fantastic lunch again!
Фото с Yelp
Фото с Yelp
Good barbeque on the west side of the metro area!
I had to think twice about doing this review because I don’t want even more people to find this place. It is one of my favorite bbq spots, amazing food with a great atmosphere. Prices are reasonable.
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8175 MN-7, Миннетриста, Миннесота, США
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