Cafe 382

/ Десерты, Кафе
ЗакрытОткроется в 08:00
Современная американская, Американская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
$$$$ Средняя цена: $11-30
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Фотография Cafe 382
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Фотография Cafe 382
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Фотография Cafe 382
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В этом кафе стоит заказать изумительного жареного цыпленка, сэндвич с тунцом и плавленым сыром и французский тост. Попробуйте хорошие бельгийские вафли, французские блинчики и тост бриошь. По отзывам посетителей, здесь подают неплохое вино, пиво или коктейли мимоза. Многие клиенты заказывают неплохой капучино, свежевыжатые соки или яблочный сок.

В Cafe 382 уютная атмосфера. Гости присудили этому месту оценку 4.5 на TripAdvisor.

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We were looking for something close to SFO for a nice before-departure breakfast. Cafe 382 met that requirement and exceeded it greatly!  Staff was very friendly and efficient. Food was excellent. I had the 2+2+2. Great choice. Eggs over easy were perfectly prepared, as were the French toast and excellent bacon. The coffee was also well above par for a breakfast place. The neighborhood is cute too. A nice break from the airport environment.
Very good brunch with excellent meat lovers breakfast sandwich, french toast, and chicken quesadilla on the light side.  Good service.
We found this place on Yelp and due to the reviews we decided to give it a try. When we walked in the menu choices looked very appealing. My husband got the biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and a side of bacon. My mother in law got the corn beef hash Benedict and I got the chorizo breakfast burrito with a side of fruit. We got our beverages and then sat down to wait for our food. The first thing we noticed was that the AC vents were extremely dirty. Random yes however something that is extremely important as what the heck is coming out of those vents and blowing on your food.. We received our food and we were underwhelmed to say the least. Their "homemade" gravy was extremely watery and my husband did not receive his side of bacon. My mother-in-laws corn beef obviously came from a can and was extremely salty and not flavorful at all. My burrito was okay but honestly it was lacking overall flavor and just so so. The kicker was the fact that not one server of bus person came by to offer drink refills or check on how our food was. In fact the table next to us had to get up and ask for refills. We too would have done the same and asked for the bacon but to be honest we did not want to wait for it. It was overall quite disappointing for the hype it was given both on Yelp and by the owner of the establishment who took our order. We perhaps would have given them a second try however, after seeing one of the owners responses to a persons review on Yelp we have decided not to. If someone can not handle criticism from a customer who did not like portions of their meal and calls them lazy that is a not a person we want to give our business to.
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382 Grand Ave, Южный Сан Франциско, Калифорния, США
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