Средиземноморская, Марокканская, Сэндвичи, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
734 Washington St, Норвуд
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Фотография Cafe Paprika
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Фотография Cafe Paprika
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Этот ресторан находится недалеко от местной достопримечательности - Norwood Historical Society. Здесь в меню можно заказать блюда средиземноморской и марокканской кухонь. Многие гости приходят сюда, чтобы попробовать изумительных куриные крылышки, маринованную капусту и голень ягненка. Здесь готовят хороший лимонный пирог, шоколадный торт и миндальный торт. В Cafe Paprika стоит заказать неплохое амаретто, рутбир или вино. Из напитков здесь стоит попробовать неплохой мятный чай, кофе или лимонад.

В этом месте уютная атмосфера. Большинство посетителей говорят, что персонал в этом заведении внимательный. Вы увидите, что здесь восхитительный сервис. Этот ресторан предлагает блюда по привлекательным ценам. Множество клиентов пишут, что интерьер здесь потрясающий. Гости оценили Cafe Paprika на 4.2 на Zomato.

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The best wings around! A chicken wing is a chicken wing right? Yes, unless you get them at Cafe Paprika! I don't know what Lahsen does to them, but they are addictive-- I don't want to share, but if I don't then I don't have room for other yummy dishes on the menu. A friend got the meatball tagine-- it was still bubbling when it arrived at the table! This is a meal to be enjoyed-- not rushed before you need to be somewhere. The only place you need to be is sipping some mint tea, enjoying the wonderful hospitality and trying not to fight over those incredible wings!
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Фото с Restaurant Guru
I can't give this place more compliments. The BEST chicken wings I've had in a VERY long time. So juicy and yet not too heavy or messy. The Lamb Royal is just as succulent as described, falls right off the bone. (save the sauce from the wings for the white rice!). The Honey Slaw made me like Coleslaw for the first time ever! The slaw is a healthier alternative as well using honey and mustard instead of mayo. The Moroccan mint has fresh mint and is a perfect cap to a meal. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, he's a wise guy but he is the best part of the experience. Very cool and laid back. Will definitely be back! Loved it here and is so underrated.
Came here for lunch not too long ago.  Cafe Paprika is a cute little storefront in a lovely town.  I believe there is only on-street parking, but we were able to park fairly close.  We were seated quickly and the staff was attentive. I ordered the Zitoune chicken tagine, and that came with a side of bread.  I thought it was very flavorful and the bread was perfect for dipping in the plentiful sauce.   I also sampled the Grilled wing appetizer.  I normally don't like wings, but I have to say that these were very flavorful, however VERY garlicky.  And finally, the side of roasted potatoes were also delicious: crispy on the edges and soft on the inside and sliced thin.     The person I was with ordered the roasted tilapia.  She thought it was under-cooked but I thought it was very tender and delicious.   For dessert, I had the Almond Amaretto cake... wonderful.  I would go back just for the cake (and I wanted to try the lemon cake as well). Overall, the few items I sampled have me curious about what else I may be missing!  I'll be back!
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734 Washington St, Норвуд, Массачусетс, США
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