Bistro St-Malo

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Взгляните на фотографию ресторана "Bistro St-Malo"
Помимо прочего, в Bistro St-Malo есть барная стойка и напитки
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"Bistro St-Malo" представляет гостям разнообразный выбор сладких блюд
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Обязательно загляните в этот ресторан, если окажетесь неподалёку от Old Port. В Bistro St-Malo представлены блюда канадской и французской кухонь. Здесь вы можете попробовать аппетитный тартар из тунца, гребешки и копченого лосося. В этом месте стоит заказать хороший тарт татен, крем-брюле и кексы. Закажите неплохое домашнее вино, ром или джин. Многие клиенты этого заведения часто заказывают хороший чай, соки или горячий шоколад.

В этом ресторане можно вкусно перекусить на открытой веранде. Большинство посетителей указывают на то, что персонал в Bistro St-Malo приветливый. По отзывам гостей, у этого места роскошный камин. Это заведение имеет оценку 4.6 на Google.

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Emilie Sharp Запросить удаление информации
I can't recommend Bistro St-Malo enough! Andrea was so warm and welcoming. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the wine list (as she curates it). We started with the steak tartare and my husband and I both had the Lapin Bourguignon with risotto. Our dessert was incredible as well. We're still talking about our dinner!If we lived in Quebec City this would be our regular go-to place!Everyone took COVID regulations/precautions very seriously which made us feel so comfortable and they were also mindful of food intolerances which I really appreciated!Highly recommend!!
2 года назад
thank you very much for this so beautiful comment it was a pleasure for me also to serve you!!!!
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Roméo Devereaux Запросить удаление информации
I recently visited Quebec City with four college friends; we were all celebrating a milestone birthday (hint: we've been friends for 50 years). I chose Bistro St-Malo for our final dinner because I had lived in France's St Malo when I was a teenager, and because it was a short (flat) walk from our Airbnb. Andrea greeted us warmly and treated us like family. Pat loved the rabbit; Mary's steak-frites was done to perfection (mine, alas, was overcooked, which affected my overall rating; too much time in the sous-vide?); Karen's salmon was yummy and Debbie's pasta dish was devoured. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Koorosh Z. Запросить удаление информации
I believe I had the perfect meal yesterday at Bistro St-Malo, yes the absolute perfect meal. I don't say that lightly, I have been looking for a perfect meal all my life, they are near impossible to find. But I believe you can find it here whenever you want. The Atmosphere It was a cold, cloudy day in beautiful Quebec City. We walked in to St-Malo and the old world feel just instantly warms you up. Felt like I was in a small bistro in Brittany. The chef came up and greeted us. Sat down and enjoyed the old building walls, the art, the ceiling, the window looking outside. Perfect old time French bistro. The Service Outstanding service from the server who brought out our food to the chef greeting you and telling you about the dishes. The server was very friendly. Even told us about different things to do in town. Since I got three course and my kids got one dish, he brought out there's with my starters and wait until I was done and had a minute to settle my stomach before he brought my main.   But the chef taking the time to tell me about the dishes, and how he prepared them in his French accent**, well, that was special, it was just perfect. The Food All that doesn't mean anything if the food isn't perfect. And it was perfect. Onion Soup - just drooling with cheese, on the outside, and in. Tons of those delicious nearly melted away onions. Incredible. Foi Gras Torchon - phenomenal. and I am a super Foie Gras fan. I try to get it everywhere I can. This was different, as the chef explained, it's Torchon and 'I make it with cognac', which is what made it different, but still superb. What kicked up the Foie to the next stratosphere was the toast, home made of course, toasted with duck fat. Are you kidding me? (The chef gave a smirk when he told me that). And a home made cherry preserve, very light, just added to the flavor, didn't over power it. The Cassoulet When I asked the chef what he recommends, he said 'ahh, the cassoulet'. He started describing it. I kind of tunes out when he said beans (not a huge fan, they usually over power everything else). I tried to shake him from the cassoulet, but when he said he cooks the white beans for 20 hours with bacon in some other goodies, I was back in. And then when he said I his French accent 'I've been making my family recipe for 30 years here', I WAS SOLD. I'm so glad I went with the cassoulet, it was truly exceptional, I've never had anything like this. On a cold day (around 7 degrees Celsius) it was perfect. The beans, delicious, not overpowering, just a perfect compliment to the house made sausage and duck leg which I'm assuming were cook in the dish for a very, very long time, so tender. Just Perfect. Through out the email I also tasted my daughters dishes. The seafood pasta was unlike any I've had before. The sauce was a bit darker than I normally know, and the flavors much more distinctly delicious and intense. Perfect. The duck confit, perfect. As I was ordering, the couple next to us told the chef, "Chef, this was the best duck confit we've ever had". Perfect. I wish I had room for dessert, I'm sure it would've been perfect, but I was perfectly full. As a matter of fact I didn't eat again until lunch today. I had other opportunities to eat, but I just thought "why, nothing can possibly stand up to that lunch. Just enjoy the memory". I have never done that in my life, EVER.   Bravo chef, bravo!!! Note - I used the word perfect a lot in this review, for a reason, this was the perfect meal. Note - I mention the chefs French accent, I appreciate that he spoke English to us, and this is no disrespect, I absolutely love the French accent it is my favorite.
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