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Фотография Chick-fil-a
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Фотография Chick-fil-a
+ 11 фотографий Фотография Chick-fil-a
165 Purcellville Gateway Dr
Перселлвилл, Вирджиния, США
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После прогулки у Crooked Run Orchard вы можете заглянуть в этот ресторан неподалёку. Большинство посетителей указывают на то, что в Chick-fil-a подают изумительного жареного цыпленка, сэндвичи с курицей и бургеры. Попробуйте здесь хорошие молочные коктейли.

Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом месте компетентный. Клиентам нравится восхитительный сервис, но рейтинг этого заведения невысокий на Yelp.

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I would like to update my review. The last several times I have been to chick-fil-a in the evening their scanner hasn't been working. I find this very frustrating since I pay with my app. Normally they will ask me to please come in and they scan it there or they use an iPad. When I went thru the drive thru on 10/22 the scanner was not working, again!! The person at the window was very nice and was trying to get the attention of the manager (who was making ice cream cones).  The manager repeatedly ignored the young cashier. Another manager, who was not by the window, came over to assist the cashier. They were unable to get it working. The entire time the manager  (Brenda, who's name I asked for due to her lack of response to the situation) ignored the other two employees. Finally, they asked her what they should do. The manager named Brenda, said I must use another form of payment. I told them I would rather not do that since that means I have money on my app that is not being used and now I'm using my card. I asked them several times if there was an alternative. The two helpful employees mentioned the iPad or coming in. Brenda, never once stopped making her ice cream cones, not once said sorry about the inconvenience, never offered for me to come in and pay. In fact she said "either another payment or that's it" and shrugged her shoulders all along with her back turned to me and the two other staff. I was completely shocked by her lack of professionalism and not even having the courtesy to turn and walk 2 steps to the window and address the issue. I applaud the professionalism of the young staff and their institutive to try to solve the scanner issue. Unfortunately the person that should have been the example of leadership and professionalism was the complete opposite. I am truly disappointed in the experience that I encountered on 10/22.
Lots of love for a fast food joint that is clean, accommodating, and consistent with the expectation. The menu is small so that they can do things right. I've never met anyone that didn't like the food at a chik fil a. Fried chicken breast, crispy and hot waffle fries.  No reason to give them anything but 5 stars for upholding the consistent experience.
Clean/ Great Service/Good Food.
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165 Purcellville Gateway Dr, Перселлвилл, Вирджиния, США
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