Китайская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до $10
23250 SW 112th Ave, Катлер-Бей
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Если вы хотите попробовать китайскую кухню, то стоит заказать столик в этом ресторане. В China Pan можно попробовать хорошие жареные крабы, жареного цыпленка и ло-мейн. Многие посетители пользуются услугой "еда на вынос". По отзывам гостей, персонал здесь приветливый. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого места. Цены здесь привлекательные, но гости невысоко оценивают это заведение на рейтинговом агентстве Yelp.

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Well for one, my father ordered 3 of the sweet and sour and fried rice combos and we only recieved one. The lady who took our order the first time proceeded to say that only one was ordered, but the thing is that he had said 3 multiple times.....to top it off the Male driver they have is very rude. He makes you walk to him and his car, while he has headphones in and not even paying attention. When he arrived the second time with the rest of our order he decided it was okay to honk multiple times versus calling or just walking up with our order... grandfather loves this place but we will never order/eat their food again.
Place is dirty and cashier's have no people skills
Chinese food is always a hit or miss, but I was craving it, so decided to try out China Pan, which is not too far from my house. I called for delivery and they took my order right away! I ordered 8 spring rolls (1.60 each), orange chicken, and vegetable lo mein. They said about an hour, and were relatively accurate. The spring rolls were alright, definitely have had better. The orange chicken though, was awesome, I recommend trying that! And the vegetable lo mein was also pretty good. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the food, very filling, and the price was okay as well. I'll probably order again one day when I get another craving for Chinese lol Side note: I did try calling back after my first call to add on to my order (2 more spring rolls and the vegetable lo mein) and I could not get on the phone with them. I even tried using the other number. They are clearly a very busy place, but obviously I waited a little and was able to get through eventually!
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23250 SW 112th Ave, Катлер-Бей, Флорида, США
Доставка еды Возможна оплата картами Еда на вынос Нет веранды Нет Wi-Fi Нет услуги бронирования столиков ТВ
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