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Латиноамериканская, Морепродукты, Стейк-хаус, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $31-60
9705 Westheimer Rd, Хьюстон
Фотография Churrascos Westchase
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Фотография Churrascos Westchase
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+ 16 фотографий Фотография Churrascos Westchase
Фотография Churrascos Westchase
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Вы можете попробовать здесь аппетитный стейк из филе, севиче с креветками и пироги. Возьмите неплохой торт "три молока", тонкие блинчики и вафли. По словам гостей, здесь подают хорошее вино, пиво или шерри. Обязательно посетите этот ресторан, если вы хотите попробовать вкусный кофе или неплохой чай.

Churrascos Westchase идеально подходит для празднования годовщины, свадьбы или дня рождения. Множество клиентов пишут, что персонал в этом месте внимательный. Посетители считают, что здесь великолепный сервис. В этом заведении привлекательные цены. Большинство посетителей указывают на то, что здесь современный интерьер и приятная атмосфера. Многие гости оценивают этот ресторан на 4.2 на Zomato.

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I always heard about Churrascos and how good everything was, when our group of 11 decided to choose Churrascos to celebrate a graduation I was ecstatic. The party of 11 arrived at different times and I was in the group that arrived last, they had us seated in a high table in front of the Christmas tree. The place was pretty busy I would say it was maybe about 7:30pm and although it was busy it took about 40 minutes to even get our drinks. Nobody was really checking up on us except for the people that kept refilling the plantain chip baskets. Let me tell y'all that we went through 3 rounds of plantain chip baskets because they were taking so long to even bring out the food (we were starving) food alone took about 40 mins-1 hour to bring out. Service just wasn't really there, all the tables around us were getting their food, in fact we watched the table besides us order food, receive food, eat, and leave... that's how long it took. The food itself was okay nothing that made me want to come back, I ordered a parrillada mixta for two and others amongst the group ordered parrilladas mixtas, Mac&Cheese with ribs, wrapped shrimp, and empanadas. Like I said the food was okay, nobody was ecstatic about it and by then it was pretty late so honestly we were just tired and ready to go home. The only reason I am giving them two stars is because of the last server we had towards the end of our dinning experience, I dint catch his name but he was friendly and tried to make everything better to the best of his ability. In general this was my first time at Churrascos and most likely the last time.
My friends and I went there for our annual white elephant get-together. I did not make the reservations so I cannot comment on that. They did accommodate a group of 16 of us in a private room which was nice. We went up to the hostess and she was friendly and showed us where our table were sitting at so it was off to a great start. However, the waiter, Jose, that was serving our group could be less than friendly and even less than helpful. I tried one the Malbec but I did not like it so I asked for the other Malbec. He did not acknowledge through body language nor though a verbal okay. Suddenly, he came back with the other Malbec. Competent but cold. Some of us had prior parties so we did not come hungry. I ordered the 4 picks of empanadas and they're pretty good. Our favorite was the shrimp because they used an Alfredo-sauce like. Mid-way through our dinner, one of friends suspect that his fish is not snapper like he ordered so he flagged Jose down. My friend stated he did not want anything. It's just to let them know that it might not be snapper and suggest to verify with their supplier. Jose said he will let the manager know. Couple minutes later, the manager came to talk to my friend and leaned into my chair (didn't even asked if that's okay with me) then stated "I've been working here for 27 years. We only serve 4 types of fish: tilipia, snapper, trout and salmon... if I were to make you another snapper dish, it would come out the same way..." more was said but you get the gist. My friend was not rude but the manager was confrontational and defensive from the get-go. That conversation should have been pulled to the side and not in front of our group. I'm disappointed that this happened and how it was handled. Perhaps, the manager and the waiter are just on their bad day. TLDR: Proceed are your own discretion. Food is okay for the price. Definitely would not come back.
Churrascos Westchase is always a great dining experience and for Father’s Day Brunch it was no different. The quality and food and selection of classic dishes were outstanding. Staff was very helpful and welcoming. And the renovated space is amazing.
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9705 Westheimer Rd, Хьюстон, Техас, США
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