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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя £3-11
Heaton Rd, Ньюкасл-апон-Тайн
Фотография Corner House
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Фотография Corner House
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Фотография Corner House
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Ньюкасл-апон-Тайн, Англия, Великобритания

Многие посетители приходят сюда, чтобы попробовать аппетитные бургеры, стейк-салаты и стейк на гриле. Здесь можно заказать хороший пудинг. Это заведение знаменито неплохим пивом, вином или элем. Здесь стоит заказать хороший чай.

Уютная атмосфера этого бара позволяет гостям расслабиться после рабочего дня. Большинство клиентов отмечают, что персонал в Corner House услужливый. Клиенты утверждают, что здесь великолепный сервис. По словам посетителей, в этом месте средние цены. Гости этого заведения отмечают, что здесь потрясающий интерьер, но многие гости этого бара не очень высоко оценили его на Google.

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Great food and good atmosphere,tottaly recommended
A bit impersonal and slow service.
So, the corner house is both a pub and a hotel. I've only been to the pub and not the hotel, so this review is for the pub alone.The pub has a lovely atmosphere, that seems friendly, full of spirit, full of spirits, and cosy. The lighting and decorations in this place really makes you feel at home, all warm and relaxed. The seating is good quality, and the tables are a beautiful dark wook.Unfortunately, the lavish appearance of this pub is let down by the quality of the service, drinks, and food ...As someone who doesn't drink much alcohol, I ordered a coke. And what was presented to me was brown water. It barely tasted like coke, and instead just tasted like soda water. They did rectify this issue to be fair, but it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. To give credit though, the bar does have a large variety of drinksThe menu appears huge at first, but it's just the font, and organisation that make it look like a lot. The menu doesn't really have much variety, which makes it rather annoying when ordering, as there isn't much to choose from. To describe the pricing of the food, imagine wetherspoons, but a little bit more expensive.The serving sizes are quite large, but really unsatisfying and unfilling. I'm quite a thin person, and yet I didn't feel the slightest bit full after finishing an XL meal. The fries were cold, however the chicken burger I had was really nice. I was there with my family, and there were a few other issues with other peoples food. My grandad's steak was overcooked, some people were missing things, and my grandad's and my dad's food came 10 minutes later than everyone else's, despite ordering them at the same time.The service wasn't too good either. Even though we reserved the table, there wasn't enough cutlery on the table. The staff at the bar were chatting far too much while they should have been storing drinks for customers, and they seemed quite arrogant when we asked for more cutlery, or complained about the drink.Overall, the pub isn't too bad as a pub, but as a place that markets itself as a food place, it's rather disappointing. If the place only marketed itself as a pub, the review may be better.
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Heaton Rd, Ньюкасл-апон-Тайн, Англия, Великобритания
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