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Открыт сейчас 11:30 - 21:30
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $31-60
10100 Constellation Blvd, Лос-Анджелес
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Фотография Craft Los Angeles
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Фотография Craft Los Angeles
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Многие гости приходят сюда, чтобы заказать хороший стейк флэт айрон, говяжьи ребрышки и гребешки. Здесь вам предложат вкусно приготовленный шоколадный пирог, ванильное мороженое и шоколадный торт. Приходите в этот ресторан и попробуйте неплохое вино мальбек, вермут или сидр. Вам понравятся хороший шоколадный фраппе, чай со льдом или сок.

В Craft Los Angeles можно отпраздновать годовщину, свадьбу или день рождения. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте услужливый. Восхитительный сервис - большой плюс этого заведения. Посетители говорят, что цены в этом ресторане привлекательные. Вы обязательно оцените уютную атмосферу и превосходный интерьер. Эксперты Frommer's наградили Craft Los Angeles 3 звездами за блюда исключительного качества.

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Amazing evening of fine dining and outstanding service by all of waitstaff . Hostess, managers.. everyone !! This  is our granddaughter's favorite restaurant... And she is only eight years old. She invited her grandpa to celebrate his birthday today at Craft ! Thank you again !! --- Given  that Craft has always been our family's favorite special occasion restaurant. Yesterday evening , compared to previous visits, however, sadly was a disappointment. Allow me to enumerate: While I realize that due to the holiday period and your reduced staff you were most busy . However, having our favorite waiter no longer be available to us midway through the evening due to the fact that he needed to attend to other patrons, made the evening less enjoyable. While I specified when I had booked the reservation as well as when we checked in, that it was a birthday celebration, the birthday candle never materialized until I needed to ask for it ! While we clearly informed the server (we had 5 different  staff attending to our table at different times ) which take home should go to which bag.. (we even got 2 separate tickets).. all the take home food was delivered in one bag. Indeed, inspecting and dividing the food in the bar area, as the host suggested ...was quite uncomfortable to do in front of other patrons .. ..not in a restaurant as Craft is! While the drinks and the gnocchi, mushroom as well as the mahi mahi entree were excellent , the  2 mixed baby  lettuce salad appetizers were unusually bland with hardly any dressing on them... the steaks that we usually order were  tepid in temperature..most disappointing.... tender but flavorless and your 'Russian banana potatoes' tasted identical to those  potatoes that are sold at the market ...clearly nuked and  flavorless . .. sadly, last night was not the experience we have come to expect  from Craft. Hopefully, our next visit will be a more positive experience.
Food is great but the place doesn't deserve its price. I live in the neighborhood and have been here three times, but the last two times have been very disappointing. Not because of the food but because of the rowdy people that were seated next to us (on two separate occasions!). Do we have bad luck or does the restaurant attract rude people that act like they own the place?! The staff didn't seem to care, I'm guessing because these rowdy groups get drunk and leave good tips. Tonight there were people watching a football game on their cellphones SUPER LOUD like and standing and shouting. These customers had no manners and it was crazy the staff didn't ask them to lower the volume. Is this a sports bar or a nice restaurant? Hard to say. Never coming back.
With a day in LA on my birthday, I wanted to find somewhere remarkable to remember it. We spent the morning strolling neighboring Rodeo Drive and made our way to the business concourses of Century City where Craft sits. This is business power lunch central with plenty of super-scrubbed executive types hanging out for negotiations on their expense accounts. We found parking underground and took advantage of the deeply discounted validation available at the restaurant. My overall impression was that Craft was unremarkably perfect. The interior was woody and sleek with a beautiful view of the grounds and plenty of exposed Edison bulbs. Our service was faultless. The waiter was friendly, prompt, engaged but not intrusive, and our meal included a visit from the dining room manager. We tried a couple of cocktails, and my Kaffir lime vodka gimlet was one of the outstanding choices this afternoon. We sampled a half dozen oysters, two each of three types I'd never eaten before. These were interesting in that I know they were not the types of oysters you could find just on any menu, but they weren't memorable from a flavor standpoint like the ones we had last summer at an oyster bar in Seattle. The highlight of the entire meal was a large avocado salad we divided up ourselves which included chunks of fresh avocado, spiced peanuts, and tomatillo over an avocado puree. This was absolutely sublime. Along with the perfectly crusty house bread which had a moist, chewy interior, I would have been happy to end my lunch there. However, we also ordered entrees. I save my red meat meals for special occasions, and this was certainly one. I ordered the flat iron steak over farro with green beans and romesco covered in a tasty demi glace. My husband had the petrale sole with roasted heirloom grains (looked like barley to me) and romanesco. Both of these were done well, but not a wow experience flavor-wise. For dessert, we each had a scoop of ice cream. I had coconut, and he had malt. They were very good. A cupcake sized chocolate torte came to the table with a candle for my birthday to end the meal before my espresso. It was restaurateur Tom Colicchio's reputation which lured me here, and I'm certainly glad I tasted his dining experience. I'm reluctant to give this restaurant the final star because for the price point and reputation, I expected a few more "wow" moments. From my perspective, Craft Los Angeles has a Stepford ideal quality to it: pristine, perfect, and lacking soul.
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10100 Constellation Blvd, Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США
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