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Фотография Draeger's
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Фотография Draeger's
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Фотография Draeger's
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Draeger's располагается рядом с Central Park. Шеф-повар в этом месте готовит аппетитную рыбу, свинину и морепродукты. Это заведение славится неплохим птифуром, печеньем макарон и капкейками. В Draeger's предлагают хорошее вино. Попробуйте здесь вкусный кофе.

Рейтинг этого места 4.5 на TripAdvisor.

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Went shopping at Draeger today, placed my grocery on the belt and the coupon on top of my items. Somehow when the belt moves the coupon fell into the slit where the belt ends. The woman checking out my items were rude and kept repeating how I should hand the coupon to her instead of leaving it on top of the items. I felt like a second grader being scolded by the teacher for nothing. I don't think I will come back to this place again, it ruined my whole day.
Whoa. Expensive and luxurious, but whoa. My jaws literally dropped when I walked into Draeger's Market -- the high ceilings, the plentiful flowers, the gorgeous desserts just begging to be devoured...this place is foodie heaven! The second floor has any kitchen or dining decorations that your heart desires. It has an entire Le Creuset section that I wandered around for a solid 10 minutes before moving on to the baking tools. They also have greeting cards and I saw signs for cooking classes! Definitely something I want to look into (if I can afford it). Downstairs they have some run-of-the-mill brands and pretty standard things you'd find at a grocery store, but the produce looked fantastic! I think I'm going to come here when I want to get out of the rut of getting the same things over and over again. They even have a seating section in the bakery where they serve coffee. That service seemed a little slow, but seeing as though they were busy taking care of bakery orders, all is forgiven. What really stole my heart was the stand of samples WHICH HAD BRIE. Game-changer. I've never had a grocery store set out brie to sample! Yummmmm If you're in San Mateo you must visit Drager's, even if you just walk through. Definitely will return!
Great upscale grocery store with a wide selection of gourmet items and modern conveniences like Apple/Android pay and email receipts.
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