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1526 Newbridge Rd, Север Бельмор
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Фотография Dunkin'
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Множество гостей отмечают, что в этом кафе предлагают неплохие пончики. После долгой рабочей недели здесь можно отдохнуть и попробовать хороший кофе со льдом. Посетители утверждают, что сотрудники в Dunkin' потрясающие. Клиентам нравится великолепный сервис, но гости невысоко оценивают это место на рейтинговом агентстве Yelp.

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Quick in and out. Could be a little cleaner.
I visit this location at least twice a week. The coffee is always fantastic and prepared just the way I like it every time. Service is always friendly and quick. The place is kept clean and is rarely too crowded to take a seat in. Whether for a quick morning visit to start my day or a longer stay to sit and chat with friends, this place is one of my favorites in this town.
I do not know what happened to this company. I was excited for this particular store to open, and repeatedly it has given me the impression that it not only doesn't appreciate my business, but would rather I take my appetite somewhere else I just left from this location but a few minutes ago this was my current experience. I walk in as the only customer in the store the girl behind the counter looks at me as if I had just stumbled into her house uninvited. As I approached the counter I glanced over at the case to see if they had the pretzel buns in stock since I wanted that sandwich. They in fact did. So when I asked for one I became confused when the girl told me they didn't have them, When I was looking right at them. She asks her co-worker if there were any more where he was standing he says "No." I However, can still see pretzel buns. Now, he asks the girl (not me the customer who just paid for an item they claim to not have) "What should I give him" her reply "Whatever!" I'm not even close to kidding. At that point I should have asked for my money back and left, BUT I WAS HUNGRY!!! So I waited staring at the pretzel buns knowing I wouldn't be eating one. So when "The Chef" was done I stood way off to the side of the pick up counter so he'd have to also see that if He did what I did and LOOKED He'd know they do have Pretzel Buns. So I Point and ask "What are those?" Pointing at the Pretzel Buns.  He holds up the bag and says "French Roll" BTW thank you for now ruining the element of surprise. I tell him to look on the shelf and I ask "Aren't those Pretzel Buns?" and he asks "Do You want one?"  "Yes" I reply, "that's why I ordered it!" What I should have done was make him make me a new sandwich and have Dunkin' Donuts waste Their money on a sandwich they don't want... BUT I WAS HUNGRY!!! And my disappointment I feel was clearly conveyed. So I left, went home, ate the sandwich, then wrote this review. And in hindsight the one star Yelp makes you give, I'll give to the sandwich, It at least was hot and didn't taste horrible on a French Roll. However, If you want to go to a place where they consistently screw up the order, then act like You're the one with the problem... This is the place for You!
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1526 Newbridge Rd, Север Бельмор, Нью-Йорк, США
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