Eat Darling Eat

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Фотография Eat Darling Eat
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Фотография Eat Darling Eat
+ 62 фотографии Фотография Eat Darling Eat
+ 61 фотография Фотография Eat Darling Eat
Фотография Eat Darling Eat
+ 59 фотографий Фотография Eat Darling Eat
Fashion Walk, Shop 17, Ground Floor 11-19 Great George Street & 27-47, Paterson St
Гонконг, Kowloon, Гонконг
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После посещения этого кафе-кондитерской можно насладиться прогулкой с видом на Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. В Eat Darling Eat можно заказать неплохой кофе, но посетители невысоко оценили это место на Google.

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Went there on a Sunday and 10 minutes before the official opening hour. Staff was kind enough to let us in and was friendly. Ordered 2 set lunches (soup, main dish and dessert) and was told that it's a passion fruit dessert (not swappable to other dessert) which my wife and I are not a fan of. We've ordered other dessert to satisfy our sweet tooth craving anyway. Staff came back in 2 mins saying the chef is happy to swap our dessert to sesame ice cream which is a very grateful gesture! Food was great and totally worth it for the price. And with such quality service, we'll sure be returning to this place in the near future.
The only reason (at least for now) for me to visit Eat Darling Eat is definitely this Pineapple Bun with real pineapple, and it did not disappoint!The pineapple bun itself was like a crunchy puff, which assembled the surface of a real pineapple bun a lot. Filled in the middle were pineapple sorbet and cream, which were very delicious and enjoyable as a summer dessert, the sweetness and coolness was just to the point to give you a refreshing sensation. On the side were honey crumbles, diced pineapple, as well as edible flower pedals. I love this whole dessert dearly!My friend got this Matcha Banana Bread with Matcha Ice Cream, and it was very good too! The banana bread surprised me with the bottom layer of matcha, which went so well with the whole banana bread, as well as balancing the sweetness of the bread. The matcha ice cream was typical yet yummy!I might want to visit again to try out their savory dishes, they look good on the menu.
A hippy place tucked inside Fashion Walk. The food presentation is top notch, perfect for social media posting. Creative usage of ingredients and a fusion of Asian and Western elements adds for a pleasant surprise.The dessert deserves special mention. There's a broad range of dessert elements, also taking typical Chinese dishes, and present it in Western dessert. For example, the traditional pineapple bun, with sorbet and custard.Very interesting.
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Fashion Walk, Shop 17, Ground Floor 11-19 Great George Street & 27-47, Paterson St, Гонконг, Kowloon, Гонконг
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