Elizabeth on 37th

/ Ресторан, Рыбный ресторан, Паб и бар
ЗакрытОткроется в 18:00
Американская, Современная американская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
$$$$ Средняя цена: $31-60
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Фотография Elizabeth on 37th
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Фотография Elizabeth on 37th
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+ 96 фотографий Фотография Elizabeth on 37th
Фотография Elizabeth on 37th
+ 94 фотографии Фотография Elizabeth on 37th

После прогулки у Christ Church Anglican зайдите поужинать в этот ресторан. В Elizabeth on 37th вам приготовят изумительную камбалу, говяжий тендерлоин и гребешки. Зайдите в это место, чтобы попробовать хороший пекановый пирог, тройной шоколадный торт и печенье.

Винная карта очень разнообразна в этом заведении. Закажите здесь неплохой капучино, чай или лимонад. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом ресторане знающий свое дело. По отзывам клиентов, сервис здесь восхитительный. Гости Elizabeth on 37th утверждают, что цены тут привлекательные. В этом месте очаровательная атмосфера и превосходный интерьер. Экспертное агентство Frommer's присвоило этому заведению 3 звезды, что говорит об исключительном уровне сервиса и качестве блюд.

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Amazing one of my absolute favorite restaurants! A true culinary experience. Great food, ambience Service it's very unique a must go to.
The last night dinner in Savannah. Thanks to my husband's choice, we had a great dining experience here. This restaurant is based on a house located in 37th street, there is no obvious sign at the door, but it is very easy to find. We reserved seats in advance, and the store kindly prepared baby chair for the baby, super sweet. I thought eating in a house in broad daylight would be boring, but I was surprised once we walked in. Dining-room decorates refined, the window looks out is a big tree with the lamps, very romantic. The Appetizer is crab cake with a browned surface and a greasy sound when it is served. The Crab cakes here probably is the most delicious I had ever eaten! This is one of the most common Appetizer on the east coast of the United States, I can't believe I had this awesome crab cake here in savannah. The crab meat has a silky texture, which makes it soft, creamy and appetizing. We also ordered their steak, medium-rare. The first bite is the aroma of beef, which is Fried crispy on the outside but super soft inside. And their service is fantastic. Thank you for a great evening. Next time we come to savannah we'll be sure to come again.
My wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at Elizabeth on 37th with the 'Honeymoon Package' pre-selected by our children and we were so pleased to have one of the owners to step in as our waiter for the evening. Never have we had such an enjoyable time dining out! We were greeted and treated like royalty and we put ourselves totally in the hands of the owner to select our courses and the wine for each. He met us first with a sparkling champagne which was exquisite. Each course which followed came with its own individually selected wine to compliment the food which from the oysters and scallops to the very final taste of the entrees were more incredible than can be described in a few words. The antebellum  character of the house in which the restaurant resides is reminiscent of another age full of the beauty of the old South. Its charm and character were the perfect backdrop for the evening. We learned that Elizabeth on 37th is one of the few old houses in the city with a basement and this particular basement is full, and I mean full, of some of the most incredible wines you can imagine. Flipping through the wine BOOK gives you a hint of how great this would be for any evening out! Please, if you visit, don't do so in a hurry... it is meant to sit and savor every selection and take in the ambiance of the place, its people and their passion.
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105 E 37th St, Саванна, Джорджия, США
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