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Японская, Суши, Азиатская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
1420 Hancock St, Куинси
Фотография Fuji at WoC
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Фотография Fuji at WoC
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Fuji at WoC
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Fuji at WoC
Фотография Fuji at WoC
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Fuji at WoC
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После прогулки около United First Parish Church зайдите поужинать в этот ресторан. В Fuji at WoC закажите блюда японской кухни. Здесь вы можете заказать вкусные нигири с лососем, сашими и тунца. Многие гости приходят в это место, чтобы попробовать хорошее кокосовое мороженое, блинный торт и чизкейк. Если верить посетителям, здесь неплохой мартини, вино и пиво. Чай в этом заведении хороший.

Этот ресторан предоставляет услуги "еда на вынос" и "доставка по адресу". Большинство гостей говорят, что персонал здесь компетентный. В Fuji at WoC восхитительный сервис. Это место предлагает блюда по привлекательным ценам. Множество клиентов пишут, что здесь превосходный интерьер и спокойная атмосфера. Посетители оценили это заведение на 4.5 на Trip.

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This is the best sushi place ever! Sit at the bar and you may get some free sushi appetizers! Yum!
Good food. Nice staff
Since the new location move from down the street and now call Fuji at WoC (west of chestnut), I've never been disappointed. Updated to a higher class, modern ambience than the original Fuji. Servers are still as friendly but more well dress to fit with the atmosphere of what Quincy is about to become (or trying). Typically, I would come here for late dinner either by myself or with a friend and during lunch, with my brother, who by the way been to Japan. Let's just say, his approval matters. Wasabi... oh the lovely wasabi is almost identical to Japan's wasabi. The hot feeling you may feel that strikes your brain and your nostril doesn't linger. Some favorites of mine are 24k maki roll, crispy pork belly clay pot rice, uni sashimi, tuna lettuce wrapped, and Hokkai Yaki. Maki rolls are made with care, as in they didn't just throw everything together and call it a day. Not thick in rice but thick enough to not feel like being cheated out. Crispy pork belly clay pot rice is delicious and great to share! The pork belly is crispy like the ones you get from Asian markets and the overall entree is not oily as you would expect from the crispy pork rice. 24k maki is my favorite because it has eatable 24k gold flakes and a hit of spice with the jalapeño but if this isn't your kick then any of their maki is just as great. Sashimi are fresh! I've never been disappointed. When they first "reopened," I used to get chefs special for the day to try a random nigiri or sashimi. They haven't done it all year long but that's okay. It was a big plus back in the day.   Parking? Street parking (1-2 hours nonmetered, depending which street you park on) or you can park at Ross parking lot (behind the buildings in front of the restaurant). You can also get here by MBTA or walk if you're lucky to live close by. They accept credit cards and cash... not sure if any places takes checks anymore. Price? Eh, a little up there but I'm willing to pay for quality food. Portions are decent. Don't expect Genaro's or Cheesecake Factory entree portion where you'll have leftovers. This is where I'll go when I have my cravings and don't want to be disappointed in quality without the crazy Allston traffic + parking situation. Nice servers. There used to be a guy with glasses and always well dressed who used to talk to me when I would eat outside by myself. Nice fella who would always chat up with everyone in the restaurant to see if they're enjoying their food. Wonder what happened. I assumed he was a manager since I used to always see him for the past 2-3 years. Anyways, long story short. Come here if you don't want to be disappointed but prepare to spend a tad more than usual than other places. I've been to almost all their Fuji restaurants and the quality at Fuji at WoC is the best, in my opinion.
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1420 Hancock St, Куинси, Массачусетс, США
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