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Кулинария, Сэндвичи, Подходит для вегетарианцев
$$$$ Средняя цена: $10-25
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Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor
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Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor
+ 12 фотографий Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor
+ 11 фотографий Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor
Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor
+ 9 фотографий Фотография Golden 9th Deli & Liquor

Обязательно загляните в Golden 9th Deli & Liquor, если окажетесь неподалёку от The San Mateo Japanese Garden. Здесь вы можете заказать вкусно приготовленные сэндвичи с тунцом и аппетитного тунца. Это место имеет рейтинг 4.5 на Yelp.

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Growing up, I used to come here to pick up snacks and had no idea they had an incredible deli. I live really close to this spot and probably come here 3-4x a week to get their sandwiches and deli salads. I highly recommend their hot pastrami, turkey, or my personal favorite: roast beef on Dutch crunch. Their bread is incredible--you will never have a Dutch crunch this soft and fresh. Don't forget to grab their crab salad, either! The staff are always warm and welcome and have been a core part of this area of San Mateo. Forget the other chain sandwich spots--you HAVE to give this place a try--you will be back for many more. (They also cater!)
The best Sandwiches, hands down! A must when in the area!  Great owners and staff. Thank you Golden 9th . I recommend, The crab (cold), chicken breast (hot) & All time favorite chicken salad made from scratch w everything on it. Sandwiches are soooo good if you didnt tip you will feel bad and tip double the next time ! Enjoy!
Let me start by saying I love sandwiches.  Sandwiches and burritos are my downfall.  I can't spend $10 on a burrito and sandwich every day though and expect to still have money and remain healthy :)  When I look for a sandwich spot I want flavor and size...cost is also thrown in there, but if it's a great sandwich I'll drop $10 any day of the week.  My usual go to joints are Mr Pickles and Little Lucca's.  I searched up yelp just because I wanted to try and branch out..gotta be some other good places out there.  Well, this place was high on the list and only 5 minutes walking distance from my residence...score!  Walked in to see a very spartan shop.  Mostly snacks, candy, some toiletries and cold beverages.  They do not sell alcohol.  Wondered to myself how this place stays in business...really not a lot to offer besides...yeah, they make sandwiches.  Menu is posted on the wall...about 6 or so meats to choose from, cheeses, spreads...all the normal stuff you would find at a sandwich shop.  Prices are better than say a Mr Pickles.  I believe the roasted turkey I got was $6.75 for the base, not including cheese, avocado  or the pesto I added.  It came to about $8.25 by the time everything was added.  The meat is fresh with good flavor, not sure if it's Boars Head or not, but it's good quality.  The bread is AMAZING.  The bread makes the sandwich.  I've only gotten the sourdough roll, but it's always been perfect texture.  The other thing I like about this place is they actually pay attention when you are telling them what you do and don't want on your sandwich.  Can't tell you how many times I've gotten home from other shops only to find something on there that I didn't want.  This place has gotten it right every time.  The employees are friendly as well.  Parking isn't always easy, but it's worth it to walk a few blocks if you have to.  Great place for a sando...
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500 9th Ave, Сан-Матео, Калифорния, США
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