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1716 Broadway Ave, Бойсе
Фотография Han's Chimaek
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Фотография Han's Chimaek
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Фотография Han's Chimaek
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Этот ресторан располагается рядом с Christ Chapel. В Han's Chimaek клиентам предлагают блюда корейской кухни. Посетители оценивают это место на 5 на Google.

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Han's Chimeak has some of the best fried chicken for its price in Boise. It's open late and I usually call in my order and pick up 30-40 minutes later. The ambiance in the restaurant is really cool though -- love the K-Pop music videos they play! Eating fried chicken and drinking beer is such a iconic combo that it has it's own special word in Korean "Chimaek"! Han's keeps it really simple with some great classic Korean fried chicken flavors. My favorite type of chicken they serve here is the soy chicken. It has a sweet soy glaze that pairs perfectly with the radish and slaw side dishes included with the meal. Their signature yangnyum is also very delicious if you can handle the spice. You can modify how much spice you want, I've even heard of someone ordering it "stupid hot". So if you're up for the heat, this could be the spot to test your taste buds. It also has a peanut topping that they always ask if you want to include in case of allergies. I have also tried their fried tofu box with the creamy onion sauce. It lost a bit of its crunch with the sauce and in a takeout box but still a very good vegetarian option! Price point, location (on Broadway near BSU), and late hours really make this a great spot to reward yourself with some great Korean fried chicken.
Ryeongmin H.
Ryeongmin H.
2 дня назад
Hi Staci, I just wanted to say that we actually have been improving the quality of chicken in the past few weeks, and they are much better now. Would mind telling me when the last time you were here was?
Terrific food! Very happy to have found this small place. Will certainly be back and I highly recommend this place for some delicious chicken. Very friendly staff as well. You can tell they care greatly about the restaurants success.
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5 дней назад
Thank you for coming in Chase. We're glad that you enjoyed our food and service. We'll keep up the hard work to welcome you with a better service every day
Highly recommend Han's Chimaek when you're craving Korean fried chicken! We love to order the original and yangnyeom flavors. We've ordered both take-out and delivery and the chicken had a nice crunch and wasn't soggy.
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1716 Broadway Ave, Бойсе, Айдахо, США
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