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Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 2356, Буэнос-Айрес
Фотография Helados Gruta
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Фотография Helados Gruta
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+ 16 фото Фотография Helados Gruta
Фотография Helados Gruta
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Буэнос-Айрес, Автономный город Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина

После посещения Iglesia Inmaculada Concepcion зайдите перекусить в Helados Gruta. Оцените здесь вкусное рагу из листьев габи. В этом месте обязательно попробуйте неплохое джелато, сабайон и шоколадный мусс. Закажите хороший ликёр. Постоянные клиенты указывают на то, что лимонад здесь замечательный.

Доставка еды на дом - неоспоримое достоинство этого заведения. Множество посетителей пишут, что персонал в Helados Gruta знающий свое дело. По отзывам гостей, сервис здесь отличный. По отзывам посетителей, в этом месте демократичные цены. Оценка этого заведения 4.7 на Google.

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Exquisitos helados.
exquisitos los helados
We were in Buenos Aires during the heat wave last month, May 2015, and let me tell you if there is one thing that I love about Buenos Aires, that would be the....... ice cream, helados! Boy, can this country make ice cream anymore sinful than it already is?!Hahaha... Believe me, try the Helados Gruta on Sucre and you know you have never tasted ice cream until you've tasted theirs. Argentina can have good service. Unbelievable, I know, but in this ice cream heaven, they serve with excellence. My friggin' tongue was having a field day, somersaulting and not understanding the delight one can get from a cone of two flavored ice cream about to enter my mouth. Try the super sambayon and tiramisu....you will thank me, I am sure. You are welcome! The lady behind the counter, was so nice. It was raining when I got the craving for ice cream but my dear husband took me there. His best friend love this place and the ice cream, ONLY from this place though. Boy, oh boy! When you go to Buenos Aires, try everything;  the never ending choices of flavors listed on the wall. So many flavors, and so little time. I will be back and I know where I will go to get my ice cream fix. I mean, it is addictive, it is that good!! It was so good, we bought 1/4 of a kilo to-go. Oh, you never know when you get a craving for Helados Gruta in the middle of the night, right? So we got one to go. And they gave us candied almendras (almonds) with our ice cream. Can they get any sweeter and nicer than that? The texture was so smooth, it melts as it touches or senses the heat of your tongue. The flavor was just right, never understated but not over powering either. Perfection, like I said. The tiramisu ice cream was almost like eating the cake or dessert itself, except ice cream form. I mean, you gotta visit this place. If you are in Buenos Aires, put this on your list. Argentina is a place of beautiful people. I love the family and friends that I have known there ( I am not from there, mind you!) but the food and some of the finds one might be lucky enough to encounter or be highly encouraged to try, can be superb. This place takes pride in the helados they dish out. It is an experience worth having at least once. I have tried the La Volta, Persicco and others. This place is humble in its hole in the wall looks but their ice cream packs a punch! After all we go these ice cream joints not for the ambience, but the ice cream. Fernando, thank you for the recommendation!!
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Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 2356, Буэнос-Айрес, Автономный город Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина
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