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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $ 25 - 50
454 Van Brunt St, Нью-Йорк
Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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+ 16 фото Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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Смит-стрит — Девятая улица (линия Калвер, Ай-эн-ди)
Проложить маршрут 454 Van Brunt St
Нью-Йорк, США

Посетите Red Hook Dock, а потом загляните в этот ресторан. Повара здесь готовят аппетитную говядину на гриле, говяжьи ребрышки и бекон. Стоит зайти в Hometown Bar-B-Que, чтобы попробовать вкусный банановый пудинг, хлебный пудинг и пирог с лаймовой начинкой. Вам понравятся неплохое бочковое пиво, бурбон или вино. Здесь можно попробовать хороший американо, сок или лимонад.

По вечерам вас ждет живая музыка. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте замечательный. По словам гостей, сервис восхитительный. Посетители этого заведения отмечают, что здесь превосходный интерьер. Этот ресторан имеет рейтинг 4.6 на Google.

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The brisket here is still the best I've had in the NYC area and that's from a former Texan. The other things here are not so good, at least not in 2020. I could eat a ton of this brisket and the cornbread too but the queso Mac and cheese was a little off and the banana pudding tasted like 2020, sour and like it's overstayed it's welcome. Despite that disappointment in sides (and that lil banana pudding sets you back twice more than a "delicious bakery" banana pudding of the same size) I'll order this again when I have my brisket craving once more. It happens, especially since I can't actually visit Texas so safely right now. Definitely a go for the meats here.
Good but way too expensive--hard to pick a single short rib when it costs as much as a couple homemade ribeye steaks or a single decent steak from and good bistro in town. But if you're not pinching a penny, it the best bbq in town
I gotta say that Hometown Bar-B-Que is where it's at . . . in Red Hook. Sorry, there are no pictures of the food, but I was so hungry that I destroyed the food without even thinking about taking pictures. Because of the COVID, one can only order from Hometown through its website. Although you have to order through the website, there are a few tables outside of the restaurant when folks can eat. Be aware that the tables are first-come, first-serve. During our visit, a couple of groups had the unfortunate luck of not coordinating their orders with table availability (i.e. their food was ready, but there were no available tables). It appears that Hometown bbq's menu has influences from Asian cuisine, which leads to a pleasurable experience for your tastebuds. I'd say if you are really craving BBQ (and beer) and are in/near the Red Hook (e.g. on an IKEA run) section of Brooklyn, then this is the spot for you. I'm not sure if I would venture too far out of my way to Hometown, but I really do not have any complaints about the food.
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Смит-стрит — Девятая улица (линия Калвер, Ай-эн-ди)
454 Van Brunt St, Нью-Йорк, США
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