Hometown Bar-B-Que

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Барбекю, Подходит для вегетарианцев
$$$$ Средняя цена: $25-50
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Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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Фотография Hometown Bar-B-Que
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Этот ресторан находится недалеко от местной достопримечательности - Red Hook Dock. Здесь стоит попробовать вкусную говядину на гриле, бекон и говяжьи ребрышки. В Hometown Bar-B-Que предлагают хороший банановый пудинг, хлебный пудинг и банановый десерт. Здесь можно попробовать неплохое бочковое пиво, бурбон или вино. В этом месте стоит заказать неплохой американо, сок или лимонад.

В этом заведении уютная атмосфера. Большинство посетителей считают, что персонал здесь приветливый. В этом ресторане восхитительный сервис. Вы насладитесь превосходным интерьером Hometown Bar-B-Que. Многие гости поставили этому месту оценку 4.4 на Zomato.

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Hometown Bar-b-que is one of the most hyped places to eat in New York right now. Anf the one thing the place lives up to is the line - I waited a whole 2 hours to get my meat. Agreed it was Saturday, lunch time. And I got there a little past 1pm - peak time. One of my favourite pastimes is to observe people. And On the bright side I had plenty of time to do that - the extended family of 8 that over-ordered and was arguing about who to blame - the 2 girlfriends that decided the line was too long after waiting in front of me for 15 minutes. But not before taking 7 selfies in various poses in front of someone else's table. - the father reassuring his daughter sitting next to me at the bar that the amazing guy she went on a date with will call her back. Now to the food. It was good. I liked all the things I ordered - the brisket, the beef rib and the sausage. But the meat was not particularly warm and after approximately 4 minutes parts of it were cold. Everything was soft and tasty though. I guess the lasting memory of this spot for me is the line. Unfortunately the food was not good enough to wipe out the annoyance of having to wait that long.
Food: Brisket sandwich was amazing! so so good! I want some more right now! The mac and cheese was just okay. Collard greens just okay. I would skip sides all together next time! Drink: got a glass of wine while waiting- pretty standard. They have a bar that you can grab something while you wait on the VERY long line. Service: You order at the register. They assemble your food after you order (this is why everything takes so long- but I think its worth it). You then take your tray and find a table to eat at. Atmosphere: we got there right before it opened and the line was to the corner already.  The line pretty much wrapped around the building the entire time we were there. It was SOO hot inside on the line. Pretty uncomfortable. Tables are pretty jam packed. Ended up sitting with another party at a long table once we got our food. Warehouse kind of a feel- very Brooklyn lol.
I have mixed feelings about this place. First, the inside is a bit "smokey"...hey that comes with the territory and is what they do, but if that kind of stuff bothers you, or bothers your eyes, etc... then consider that. Next, the food.  I've been here once before on a weekend, and it's crowded.  Again, sometimes I travel with people who don't want to wait.  That was a problem on my weekday, mid-day visit recently. However, I just wasn't wild about my pulled pork sandwich.  With the slaw mixed in and the juices, I really couldn't taste the pork. (it tasted like butter to me)  It's almost too "creamy".  I'll get it just naked next time.   The other thing I was looking forward to was the potato salad.   This is more like ground up mashed potatoes that are cold, with a kick of spice.  Not what I was expecting and the consistency I just don't like.   I'd go with beans next time. In general, I should probably be thankful to have my taste buds challenged from the norm, but I thought, if this is supposed to be "comfort food", it's not giving me any comfort.  That's just me. Anyway, the staff is friendly and efficient, but overall, I'm going to need to re-visit before I'd recommend it to others.
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