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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $41-80
1024 N Rush St, Чикаго
Фотография Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
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Фотография Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
+ 17 фото Фотография Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
+ 16 фото Фотография Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
Фотография Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
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Обязательно загляните в этот ресторан, если окажетесь неподалёку от Mariano Plaza. Официанты подают гостям изумительного морского окуня, крабовые пирожные и устриц рокфеллер. Здесь готовят неплохой пирог с лаймовой начинкой, шоколадный мусс и шоколадный торт. Посетители считают, что в Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House вкусный ром, шардоне или мартини. Среди напитков особенно выделяют хороший шоколадный фраппе.

Доставка еды на дом - несомненный плюс этого места. Большинство клиентов говорят, что персонал в этом заведении приятный. Многие гости пишут, что сервис здесь восхитительный. По словам клиентов, в этом ресторане привлекательные цены. Вы обязательно оцените впечатляющую атмосферу и превосходный интерьер. Пользователи присвоили Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House рейтинг 4.6 на Google.

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The wife and I came from eating at Hugo's on a Saturday night. Since we are in the midst of reopening, most of the seating is outside with some inside. Since we didn't have reservations, we were sat inside immediately. I have to say, service was EXCELLENT. Everyone was nice and courteous from beginning to end. Now as far as the food. The best thing I ate was the side salad with blue cheese dressing. I ordered the crab cakes that cake with fries, coleslaw and some sort of sauce. My wife ordered the whitefish with potatoes and grilled tomato and onion. The crab cakes are AWFUL! As a person who adores a great all lump crab meat crab cake, these flavorless, all shredded crabmeat patties were truly awful. The fries we soggy, oily piles of potatoes and the coleslaw was just pathetic. The sauce that came with the crab cake tasted like ketchup, mayo and relish. I didn't taste my wife's food but she mentioned the fish could've used more seasoning. Service is great but the food is terrible. Maybe it wa a just an off day.
so good!!! the crab legs were so yummy & Doug's fish was yummy as well
great atmosphere
We started out on a terrible note.  We made reservations and asked for Outdoor seating, but it wasn't until we got there that the ruder than usual hostess told us that outdoors was first come/first serve and that while she saw our request for outdoor seating, it would be an hour wait.  I'm sorry, but who makes reservations and then gets there to be told it would be an hour until we could be seated? And who is so curt about it.? no apologies, no we can get you a drink.. just sit inside or wait for an hour.  We came inside and the first table we were offered was only a few feet away from another patron.. (someone lost the memo on the whole 6 feet deal).. we eventually got to a decent table and our server greeted us warmly.. from there it went much better.   We started off with some Belvedere Martini's .. blue cheese olives.. and of course these were fine.   I was told the Crab Cakes were one of the best offerings and so went that route.  And yes, very good.  Up there with the best of them. (Came with Fries and Cole Slaw .. which I subbed the C/S for Broccolini - delicious and char broiled.)   They had a great selections of wine there and we went with a bottle of the Pride Merlot, which was pricey but worth every penny of it.  Entrees come with a half salad or soup..   Will I return?  Not sure.  That cold hostess greeting really turned me off to that place.
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1024 N Rush St, Чикаго, Иллинойс, США
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