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Японская, Суши, Морепродукты, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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Фотография Izakaya
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Фотография Izakaya
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В этом ресторане вы сможете насладиться блюдами японской кухни. Здесь посетители могут продегустировать изумительные суши, креветок и рамэн. По словам клиентов, персонал здесь хороший. В Izakaya средние цены. Это место славится своей отличной атмосферой. Гости оценили это заведение на Yelp на 4.5.

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My husband and I stopped in last week after hearing from a friend that they had eaten some delicious ramen from this establishment. We had previously tried the newest "ramen" joint downtown with less than desirable results, and we were disappointed that we were still in the position that we would have to travel for our ramen fix when the mood struck. We tried Izakaya on a whim and both ordered ramen (beef for my husband, shrimp for myself). We sat at the bar and watched the food preparation and enjoyed a bottle of sake while we waited. The entire atmosphere is very relaxed, and the employees are very friendly and accommodating. The ramen was FANTASTIC, especially for this essentially being a "off the beaten path" place that no one would really know has ramen because it's not the main event (they have fantastic sushi, etc.). The ramen was rich, meaty, and served in a HUGE portion. We will definitely be returning, and I can't wait to try out the rest of the menu.
Delicious food, best restaurant in this price range. The noddles are amazing.
Hands down the best sushi and nigiri in Lynchburg. It's not even a close second to any I've had before. Getting in and out of the parking lot can be a pain but if you make a right to turn in and turn right leaving it's not too bad.
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17928 Forest Rd, Форест, Вирджиния, США
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