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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до $10
384 Kamehameha Hwy, Перл-Сити
Фотография Jack In The Box
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Фотография Jack In The Box
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Jack In The Box
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Jack In The Box
Фотография Jack In The Box
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Jack In The Box
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Этот фастфуд располагается рядом с Neal S. Blaisdell Park. Вы найдете здесь вкусные бургеры, курицу и салаты. В Jack In The Box обязательно попробуйте хороший лимонад.

Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте внимательный. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого заведения, но гости невысоко оценили этот фастфуд на Yelp.

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sandwiches are the shiznit
Waited over 5-7 minutes at the drive-thru order speaker and no one acknowledged that I was waiting to order until I said "HELLO" into the speaker. Once I said something then an employee took my order. After I placed my order it took another 20 minutes or so to reach the drive-thru window (2 other cars in front of me) and the employee didn't apologize for the long wait. Another employee then handed me my order without saying anything. I'm sorry to say that it was a pretty bad experience and that management needs to be informed and needs to see why it's taking so long for the drive-thru orders to get out. Also, employees need to be trained on proper customer service. I will NOT going back to that Pearl City location all because it took almost 30 minutes from the time if ordering to the time I actually left the window with my order. I really don't like leaving reviews like this but I feel it's necessary to make this issue known.
This place NEVER fails to amaze me. My mom ordered a the 2 Sausage Croissant for $5. When she came home and opened her sandwich, there was no bun. Which defeats the purpose of a sausage CROISSANT. It was wrapped in 2 pieces of BROWNED AND WILTED lettuce. I understand I'm paying only $5 with tax but c'mon. If I wanted trash I would've gone to the Waipahu dump for free. ALL JACK IN THE BOXES ARE GOING DOWNHILL. SEND HELP. The staff is RUDE. The food is SLOP. The PRICES are HIGH. DON'T GO HERE.
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384 Kamehameha Hwy, Перл-Сити, Гавайи, США
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