Jackrabbit Brewing Company

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Фотография Jackrabbit Brewing Company
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Went there for social hour with the Rotary nice space a lot of beer choices  it would be good  for a meeting or event s. Staff were friendly
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I appreciate that the Sacramento area is blessed with many good to excellent microbreweries.  This was recently underlined when I recently traveled and visited another brewery in a resort town that I had good memories of in the past.  I still liked their beers, but well, their brews just aren't as exceptional as some of the regular fare at the best of my regular favorite breweries at home....of which Jack Rabbit Brewing is decidedly one. It's brought my attention to the fact that the greater Sac area microbrewery scene is pretty frickin' good these days. On this particular visit, we had our dog and a bag of delicious fresh Mexican food from a nearby restaurant with us and had the very pleasant task of picking a  to accompany the meal.  After a bit of sampling ( I love that breweries do this), we happily selected the Kessel Geld, a malty German beer.   It paired well with the Al pastor burrito, the barbacoa taco, and the shrimp ceviche tostada food.  It enhanced the meal nicely. The staff here is pretty frickin'wonderful, too.  They welcomed our pooch and overall, made us feel like this was our local brewhall (oh, wait...it is!) Viva La Jack Rabbit Brewing!!!
Courtney P. Запросить удаление информации
My husband and I recently came to Jackrabbit Brewing Company's time while attending their taco libre event. While we were there, we had the opportunity to try a wide variety of their beers. I personally loved creating my own flights with five of their different sours. My favorite by far was the raspberry lychee sour. My husband thoroughly enjoyed that they offered a nice variety of English style beers as he is really into porters, browns, and red ales. We will definitely be back as they are dog friendly and it is a nice wide open space.
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1323 Terminal St, 95691-3514
Запад Сакраменто, Калифорния, США
1323 Terminal St, Запад Сакраменто, Калифорния, США, 95691-3514
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