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Открыт сейчас 12:00 - 02:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя RON 18-88
Strada Barbu Iscovescu nr. 2 parter, Тимишоара
Фотография Joy Pub
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Фотография Joy Pub
Фотография Joy Pub
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Тимишоара, Тимиш, Румыния

Повара здесь готовят аппетитные чизбургеры, ребрышки и колбаски. Приходите в этот бар и попробуйте неплохое бочковое пиво. Уютная атмосфера Joy Pub позволяет гостям отдохнуть после рабочего дня. По отзывам клиентов, персонал здесь энергичный. По мнению посетителей, сервис восхитительный. Это место предлагает блюда по демократичным ценам. Средняя оценка этого заведения 5 на Trip.

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This is a great, pub! Bagdan took great care of us and the food is tasty and the drinks are cold.
Joyful sports bar with pool tables, great players if you like the game. The food is great, people are friendly and the overall atmosphere is as the name suggests ... Joyful.
Joy Pub or rather Joy Sports Bar is an ideal place for spending time with your friends or colleagues. Many TVs where you can watch any type of sport you like, tennis, handball and especially important football matches which you can also watch them projected on large boards. I consider it to be a perfect place to watch games with your friends. You can even choose which channel to watch, not necessarily sports. The little downside to it, is its food's relatively high prices, however, I see the effort exerted to preparing them, thus making its costs understandable. Then again, it's a bar, so you wouldn't be expected to come here to eat in the first place. The main advantage, which particularly made me come here, is the fact that you can play pool here (billiards), there are four tables, including convenient cues, chalk, extensions, so basically everything you need to enjoy a nice game of pool (and the balls of course). The staff is very hardworking and friendly ( especially Andora :) ). Its location, "Complexul Studentesc", is suitable to everyone, mainly for students due to the nearby halls of residence . Reservations are available here as well. In my point of view, it's my favorite bar! Very nice rock music and you can play pool here while indulging in some beer!P.S. : I decided to extend my review, which was 2 sentences long, because I found out that it's not irrelevant as I though it was at first. I thank the owner for answering and the services offered until now, and I will gladly be going to Joy as I have been doing until now.
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Strada Barbu Iscovescu nr. 2 parter, Тимишоара, Тимиш, Румыния
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СредаСр 12:00-02:00
ЧетвергЧт 12:00-02:00
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