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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя 12-36 €
Calle de Alonso Cano, 10, Мадрид
Фотография Juancho's Bbq
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Фотография Juancho's Bbq
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Фотография Juancho's Bbq
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«The tastiest burgers in Madrid»

Want to know where you can eat the best hamburger in Spain? Visit Juancho’s Bbq. For the price that the staff offers it’s a very nice meal cooked from tasty and fresh products.

The place is not the most aesthetic of all since it is in a market but it eats well. Drinks are ordered in a bar next door since they only have a kitchen there. Amazing hamburgers. There are two varieties and no more is needed. My favorite is the one that has cheese and bacon, and you will say that it is very simple, but go to try it because it is excellent. The delicious meat, melted cheese. Bread is homemade brioche with butter. We had to wait 15 minutes in line and 30 to be served because there were many people, but it was worth it.

What I like most is the taste of grilled meat, this flavor is not overshadowed by the rest of the ingredients. The only downside I can put is the wait time, there are many people who want to try these burgers (no wonder). Without a doubt, we will return another day to enjoy the burgers.

Знак качества Restaurant Guru 14 января, 2020

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Отличный стейк всего за 14 евро. Правда небольшой, готовят быстро
I am not an expert but their burgers made their way to my top three of all time. Gotta love the gourmet burger taste yet the street burger feel (no unnecessary decorations, sauces, wanna be artisan buns etc.)
Best burger in town! Awesome taste!
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Calle de Alonso Cano, 10, Мадрид, Испания
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