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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $31-50
1244 N Dearborn Pkwy, Чикаго
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Этот бар располагается рядом с Church of the Ascension. Здесь вы можете попробовать изумительных устриц, роллы с лобстером и салаты. Закажите неплохой кофе.

Большинство посетителей отмечают, что персонал в Juniper приветливый. Хорошая атмосфера этого места привлекает многих гостей. Рейтинг этого заведения на Yelp составляет 4.

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Juniper is a great addition to this Gold Coast neighborhood. Juniper is the restaurant inside the Claridge Hotel which went under renovation a few years ago. When it did the hotel changed it's name to the Claridge Hotel and added the restaurant Juniper. I found the staff to be pleasantly accommodating, particularly the bartender; I didn't get his name. And the menu is Chef inspired, which is always welcoming. On my visit I ordered a cheeseburger but what I got was a mushroom burger. I rolled with it, meaning I did not say 'Hey, umm, I ordered a cheeseburger but this burger has sauteed mushrooms on it.' Instead, I ate the burger because I was starving or more like hangry. The burger was good but I prefer burgers that aren't frozen before cooked. Usually the tip-off that a burger is frozen is when the burger patty is perfectly round and somewhat dense. Now to some folks they may not care about these particulars but I do because I prefer to eat a burger from scratch, made to order, not frozen and hand prepped. So that's my only drawback. The french fries were good sprinkled with fresh parsley and salt, but not crispy. They were soft and a little al dente, but it made do since I was hangry. For beers on tap they have an array of Goose Island varieties and one that represents a brewery from Kansas City, which I didn't try. The actual bar seats about seven but can really only fit five comfortably as the bar stools are quite wide (good for those who may have a large backside). If every seat were taken, however, the patrons would be sitting extremely close to one another.
Hassan was amazing , food was absolutely amazing , just as amazing as Hassan . We dined for breakfast two days in a row , If I would've known about this place earlier hands down would've gone all 5 days of my stay !
Overpriced but that is to be expected in Chicago. It was a 7$ coffee. Delicious but expensive for an 8oz cup.
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1244 N Dearborn Pkwy, Чикаго, Иллинойс, США
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