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Фотография La Michoacana Meat Market
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Фотография La Michoacana Meat Market
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Фотография La Michoacana Meat Market
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Зайдите в La Michoacana Meat Market и откройте для себя меню мексиканскую кухню. Закажите аппетитную курицу и хорошие тако. По мнению посетителей, в этом месте привлекательные цены, но гости невысоко оценили это заведение на Google.

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This is my second time being dissatisfied with the kitchen, today I ordered a beef soup and all they gave me was huge portions of fat and maybe a HALF OUNCE of meat! WOW! The first time I ordered a 16oz of rice and the lady said she could only fill it up half way even after I paid full price. I waited in line for 10 minutes and I didn’t say anything because It’s a hassle especially with my children there and all the customers. I’ve only gone on the weekend, so it’s packed. I will have to find a different Michoacana. I drive 15 minutes to this one because It’s the closest one. I rather the cooks let me know that they are in short supply rather than serving a disappointing meal. The staff are kind, but it’s not right to serve half meals, who does that!?
Recomendado SOLO para comer ahí, los tacos son muy ricos. Le falta limpieza y espacio entre los pasillos.
They will tell you that if you buy steak you can then add marinade for free but that's a lie. I asked for 5lbs of steak and he waited until I added the marinade to weigh it. The steak was $7.99 per pound, I seriously doubt the marinade also cost $7.99 per pound. For that reason alone, I will NEVER spend another penny there. There's plenty of other meat markets I can spend my hard earned money.
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