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5781 Lee Blvd #305, Лихай-Эйкерс
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Фотография La Valentina
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Фотография La Valentina
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Посетите этот ресторан и попробуйте меню мексиканскую кухню. В La Valentina вам приготовят неплохие чипсы с сальсой, рис с бобами и тако. Закажите хорошие коктейли маргарита или неплохое пиво. Здесь подают вкусный лимонад.

Гости этого места говорят, что цены тут привлекательные. В этом заведении впечатляющая атмосфера и роскошный интерьер, но посетители невысоко оценили этот ресторан на Google.

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Food was yummy and the servers. Lavalentina burrito
Horrible service went in to get a hot coffee was charge four dollars on top of that the door says they open at 10 and it was 1030 and still haven’t open the door very bad The saddest part about it is that it’s a very good restaurant to eat them but service is very bad
I finally made the decision to try out La Valentina (it's literally a block away from my living community) and I'm happy that I did! Authentic Mexican cuisine is hard to nail down nowadays, so I was a bit skeptical at first. When I walked in, I was greeted by a gigantic Mexican-themed painting that extended across the entire side of dining area. Very appealing and made me feel like I was in Mexico. Large menu with a lot of food choices. I decided to go with Chimichanga which was absolutely delicious. They bring out chips/salsa in the interim of meal too. The staff experience was pleasant and did not find myself waiting for anything. I will definitely come again! There are only a few things that made my experience unpleasant; 1. They do not offer water outside of bottled, which they charge you for. 2. They did not inform me of upcharges when I asked about adding something like a sprinkle of cheese on dish ($2.99 extra). 3. They confused my friend about the guacamole that came with his dish and they ended up bringing a guac appetizer that added $7 to total meal (No bueno). 4. Their online and physical menu pricing was not consistent with my bill.. If they could fix those items, my experience would be so much better.
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5781 Lee Blvd #305, Лихай-Эйкерс, Флорида, США
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