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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя 42 - 110
23 Rue de la Victoire, Париж
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Париж, Иль-де-Франс, Франция

После посещения этого ресторана можно насладиться прогулкой с видом на Federation Francaise de Danse. Здесь можно заказать блюда французской кухни. В Louis делают аппетитный амюз-буш, фуа-гра и треску. Гости этого места пишут, что здесь обязательно нужно попробовать вкусный парфе. Закажите неплохое вино или хорошее шампанское. Приходите в это заведение и попробуйте вкусный кофе.

Большинство посетителей считают, что персонал здесь потрясающий. Клиентам нравится восхитительный сервис. Посетители говорят, что цены в этом ресторане низкие. Большинство клиентов пишут, что интерьер здесь роскошный. Рейтинг Louis 4.9 на Facebook.

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Food & service are perfect.
Incredible restaurant. This is one of the best 1 Michelin star I've ever been to. It was stunning from the beginning to the end.The precision in the seasonings, the amazing service and wines. The chef is also very nice, we could chat a bit with him.I absolutely recommend this place to anyone who loves food!
Although every dinner we experienced in Paris has been a relative five star experience, each restaurant is unique and distinctive in numerous ways.  Louis was the most elegant and certainly the most creative.  Stéphane Pitré is a master of culinary alchemy.  While many of the Japanese chefs in Paris are masters of precision, and other restaurants prepare food with astonishing flavor, Chef Pitré is a chemist in the kitchen, stretching the boundaries of what diners expect. Yet, Restaurant Louis combines this "out of the box" cooking with "old school" service and elegance, a dichotomy making Louis unique in Paris, and perhaps the world. Located in a minuscule space with perhaps eight tables, the wonderful jewel like design,using different shades of aquamarine, is as soothing as an "Octupus's Garden." It all works wonderfully.  The professional and sophisticated maitre d' has the affect of yesteryear.  It is as if we were at the Maxim's of the 1950s, or Claude Terrail was welcoming us into La Tour d'Argent. The difference is the abstract wonderment of the kitchen.  Chef Pitré turns tradition inside out. Opting for the six course menu, I regretted not getting the eight course option two dishes in.  Trying to describe each dish would involve abstractions beyond my mastery of the English language.  Yet, I was served food that will remain indelibly printed within my consciousness.  The Terre de Truffe Melanosporum used truffles with cacao.  Inexplicably wonderful. My favorite was the, get ready for long winded, Blanc de Cabillaud Basse Temperature, Romanesco. Noisette du Piemont. Nege Emulsionee au Savignin.  Loosely translated, and pardon my crappy French, slowly cooked cod with a Romanesco sauce, combined with hazelnuts from Piedmont region of Italy and whipped egg white emulsion made with white wine sauce from the French Jura region. Whew!  This may be way off, but it tasted amazing.  Most startling was the Pigeon de Pornic Roti et Enfume.  It emerged from a smokey canister like a monster from the Black Lagoon.  Just see the photo.  Fromage and dessert just filled our bellies to the point of discomfort.  Gluttony can be mighty uncomfortable. Everything was wonderful until the very end of the evening.  A couple came in who were well known to the staff and the chef.  Perhaps they were relatives or regulars, I don't know, but suddenly the rest of the tables were ignored for a long period of time.  The busser was left "holding court," and he was simply overwhelmed.  The couple across from us were very pissed and left in a "huff." I kept trying to get the maitre d's eye, but to no avail.  We sat, waiting to be acknowledged.  Last time at Louis, Chef Pitré came around to each table charming us all.  This time, he was no where to be found at the end of the evening.  Interestingly, as we left, we spied Chef Pitré yapping it up with the VIP couple in his wine bar down the street.  This behavior and service is unbecoming of this award winning restaurant. Our bill with two six course disgustation dinners, two glasses of wine,  three gin and tonics, a bottle of water, two cheese plates came to 237 Euros.  Money I would consider well spent until the end of the evening.  It was a shame, because my memory of this drop in professionalism will linger.
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23 Rue de la Victoire, Париж, Иль-де-Франс, Франция
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