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678 W Main St, Сильва
Фотография Lulu's on Main
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Фотография Lulu's on Main
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Фотография Lulu's on Main
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После прогулки у Poteet Park вы можете заглянуть в этот стейк хаус неподалёку. В Lulu's on Main всегда можно заказать блюда международной кухни. В этом месте можно заказать неплохих креветок на гриле, гироса с курицей и рибай. Закажите вкусный брауни, жареный ананас и печеные яблоки. Здесь стоит попробовать хорошую марсалу, пшеничное пиво или домашнее вино. В этом заведении предлагают неплохой соевый кофе, имбирный чай или сок манго.

В этом стейк хаусе есть терраса, где вы можете отлично провести время на свежем воздухе. По мнению посетителей, персонал здесь креативный. Гостям нравится великолепный сервис. По отзывам клиентов, в Lulu's on Main привлекательные цены. Множество клиентов говорят, что здесь восхитительный интерьер и отличная атмосфера. Пользователи присвоили этому месту рейтинг 4.4 на Google.

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Tearsa S.
We feel like this was our "happy little accident". All places we were trying to get reservations at were booked but they had an availability. The menu looked good so we took a chance. SO GLAD WE DID! The food was absolutely fantastic! Our server, Haley, was so friendly and so helpful in recommendations. We will 100% go back.
Lori W.
My daughter and I have been here three times now and while last time  was spot on tonight not so much. Well at least my dinner wasn't . It was a trio seafood dinner special with shrimp, mahi and scallops. They were pan seared then finished with a delectable scampi (maybe panko too) butter in the oven. Every morsel of the seafood was divine. The sides? A very bland pile of rice pilaf and two chunks of under cooked bordering on cold broccoli. No sauce, no butter, just underwhelming. The contrast between the brilliant seafood and the *beige* sides was blinding. I know Lulu's can and does do better than this and it shouldn't stop you from eating here because eye on the prize the seafood was fabulous and ultimately that's all I wanted (and the bread and my harvard old fashioned!)
Laura H.
What a lovely surprise Lulu's on Main was! We had to be in Waynesville,NC unexpectedly for a couple of weeks. We are very hesitant about Covid and in Florida (where we live) have only eaten at outdoor restaurants. So mostly, we ate at the home we were staying, but had read great things about Lulu's and saw they had outdoor seating, so we decided to check it out. We caught the tail end of the lunch crowd and so most of the tables were getting ready to clear out when we arrived. There was only an indoor table available, but not only was it quite socially distanced, but they have doors separating the tables-- so it's kind of like you are in your own booth with really tall barriers between you and the next table. The doors are painted really pretty and it makes you feel like you are in a safe, cozy cocoon. We started by splitting the Thai noodle soup. The flavor was great-- I believe it was a coconut milk base, a little peanut-y and I believe, a little turmeric. It could have used more vegetables (just a couple of red pepper strips). But we purposely ordered this to take home and I was able to make two more noodle bowls out of it by adding broccoli and carrots and it was excellent both times, not suffering at all from being re-heated. It included a lot of chicken, so the protein was plenty for this purpose.  Our real meals were the phrench dip and the chicken piccata sandwich. The meat in the French dip was much better quality that is typical and the bread (which is make or break for a French dip sandwich) was excellent. The jus appears to have been the base for their French onion soup, so a little more onion forward than my Husband prefers, but still delicious. The chicken in my piccata sandwich was friend and so good! There was a smear of mashed potatoes, which was texturally nice and a light caper butter drizzle. I squeezed a lemon on it and it really brightened up the flavors. I hate to overuse the term "elevated", but these sandwiches were definitely that-- common ingredients, but  just made better through the cooking and especially, the chef's creativity.  We cannot wait to go back to Lulu's the next time we head back to the Waynesville/Sylva area.
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678 W Main St, Сильва, Северная Каролина, США
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