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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до $10
1015 FL-84, Форт-Лодердейл
Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
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Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Mama's Latin Cafe
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Здесь можно заказать блюда кубинской кухни. Попробуйте здесь изумительный кубинский сэндвич, тако и стейки. Официанты подают гостям хороший флан и аппетитные тостонес. Это заведение известно неплохим белым кофе.

Большинство посетителей говорят, что персонал здесь энергичный. По отзывам клиентов, сервис великолепный. В этом ресторане привлекательные цены. Средняя оценка Mama's Latin Cafe 4.5 на Trip.

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Perfect fast breakfast. Friendly. Good prices. Neighborhood spot. Make it happen. It will become a habit. Life is good when you start w a cafe con leche and a tostada.
Great little place with the best chicken soup in town! They dont take credit cards, only cash, so make sure you come with cash. The ladies that run the place tell me that they actually do take credit cards, but only for their shopping pleasure! LOL.....all kidding aside, go check it out.
A gem is defined as something prized for great beauty or perfection . A gem is the perfect word to describe our experience at Mama's Latin Cafe. I went to breakfast with my beautiful wife who's pictures are shown in this review. We were served by the beautiful owner Gabriela and outstanding server daughter Elizabeth . Elizabeth's father Dagoberto serves up the best Cuban and Mexican dishes cooked to perfection . Their coffee was rated the best coffee in Fort Lauderdale by New Times Weekly Newspaper . The ham , cheese and egg omelette was prepared in classic Cuban style i.e. rich tasting, filled sky high and ever so slightly browned. (See photo ) The Cuban soft white bread was served warm and buttered. Of course we did not refuse the highly acclaimed cafe con leche! We are certainly going back . In my next review I will write about their tacos ( where else can you get 2.00 tacos !) and I'm sure to savor it with Dagoberto' own taco sauce. I will also try their home made flan ! So as the saying goes to be continued!
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Фото с Yelp
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1015 FL-84, Форт-Лодердейл, Флорида, США
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