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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя THB 1 300 - 2 800
โรงแรมโคโม เมโทรโพลิแทน 27 Sathon Tai Rd, Бангкок
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Фотография Nahm
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Фотография Nahm
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Бангкок, Таиланд

Здесь можно заказать блюда тайской кухни. Шеф-повар в этом ресторане готовит хорошего краба с соусом карри, салат с лобстером и свинину гриль. По словам посетителей, здесь предлагают аппетитный липкий рис с манго, вафли и птифур.

Винная карта очень разнообразна в Nahm. Многие клиенты заказывают неплохой американо, чай со льдом или сок. Большинство гостей говорят, что персонал здесь услужливый. В этом месте великолепный сервис. Цены здесь привлекательные. В этом заведении приятная атмосфера и первоклассный интерьер. Эксперты агентства Frommer's присвоили этому ресторану 3 звезды.

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Incredible set menu, we got two different menus and got to taste so many different things. Highly recommmend!
Let me begin by saying the food is decent. It is not bad but not great either. The issue is the price tag that comes with the food. Being in Bangkok, you can probably pay 10% (or less) of the price and find better food. The only memorable dish (unfortunately not a good one) is the fried catfish which everyone agreed is just fried batter. We couldn't find the fish at all. I'm pretty sure it's there and it's just fried flakes of cat fish but it is just fried batter for all intent and purposes. The premium you pay here is really just to dine in a clean and "fancy" environment. I wanted to try out this place to see how Thai cuisine can be elevated to fine dining and I'm pretty sure this place failed.The service isn't what is expected of a top 50 restaurant either. I included a note when I reserved that someone in my party is allergic to shrimp. Not only was this neglected, it wasn't brought up at all by the service staff (I would have thought they would inquire about it when we arrive). Instead, the person who was allergic was just directed to order from the vegetarian menu. Again, not something I had expected given the restaurant's ranking. They should have informed me ahead of time that we'd be forced to order vegetarian menu. I understand some restaurants can't make accommodations to menu but it would have been better to inform me after I made the reservation.I have traveled to Thailand multiple times solely for Thai food and this is by far the biggest let down.
Beware! I don't typically post reviews, but I felt the need to do so here. I was extremely disappointed in Nahm. The prices do not match the quality of the food. We paid $340 USD for 2 people (with 1 alcoholic beverage each..mine costing $30 USD!). The menu is set and unfortunately, the food was much too spicy to be enjoyable and the large portions resulted in a significant amount of wasted food. As the other reviews state, you can find much better food at a fraction of the price elsewhere. While this may listed as a Michelin star, it falls flat in my opinion.
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โรงแรมโคโม เมโทรโพลิแทน 27 Sathon Tai Rd, Бангкок, Таиланд, 27
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