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Южная, Американская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя до $10
2019 Habersham St, Саванна
Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
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Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Narobia's Grits & Gravy
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Обязательно загляните в этот ресторан, если окажетесь неподалёку от Reynolds Square. Здесь вы можете заказать хорошие жареные креветки, крабовые пирожные и жареного лосося. Шеф-повар в Narobia's Grits & Gravy готовит неплохие французские тосты, печенье и французские блинчики. После долгой рабочей недели здесь можно отдохнуть и попробовать хороший кофе со сливками, лимонад или чай со льдом.

Уютная атмосфера этого места позволяет гостям отдохнуть после рабочего дня. Множество посетителей говорят, что персонал в этом заведении отличный. Клиентам нравится восхитительный сервис. По мнению клиентов, в этом ресторане средние цены. Здесь вы найдёте впечатляющий интерьер. Narobia's Grits & Gravy имеет рейтинг 4.5 на Trip.

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The way I found out about Narobia's was from a good friend of mine who is the definition of a foodie. He hyped this place up a lot so naturally I was excited to go. Unfortunately we went on a Friday around 11:00/11:30 and I personally would advise you not to do it. We waited around 30/40 minutes before we were able to sit down. According to other reviews it usually isn't that bad of a wait so we probably just got there at a busy time. But let me tell you. THE WAIT WAS WORTH EVERY SECOND! I ordered Biscuits and gravy, (They were out of sausage gravy when I was there) Chicken tenders and scrambled eggs, and grits. This was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! The biscuits and gravy were sensational!! I've never had gravy that tasted so good; the biscuit was also extremely fluffy it felt like I was eating a cloud! The chicken tenders were crispy, well seasoned and complimented the breakfast perfectly along with the grits and scrambled eggs. If you're looking for the biscuit and gravy that cannot disappoint. Go to 2019 Habersham St. You're Welcome!
This may be the best hidden gem in Savannah, and I'm so glad I've found it. I've been dying to come here for a while but always miss them until one day I made it a point to go here. Pulled up and needless to say I was already stoked from hearing so many people rave about them. I think we might have came at the busiest time we could have.. we waited about 30-40 minutes and that was just to get seated... luckily we didn't have too much going on that day but we were there about a good hour and a half in all just for breakfast. But don't let that scare you bc from everyone else's reviews it didn't seem busy. We went at 11:30 on a Friday and I think that had a lot to do with it. Even tho we waited I promise I'm not upset about it at all, it was well worth it. First off everything here is stupid cheap... like ridiculously cheap. It's so hard not to over order here too bc it all looks so good and like I said.. cheap lol. Even though the food is cheap the flavor is the opposite. Such rich depth of flavors going on in such simple dishes and servings. I choice the chicken egg and cheese biscuit and the chicken was perfectly fried and cheese perfectly melted. The biscuit was delicious as well. I also got the crab cake and cheese biscuit and although it was delicious I'd settle for the chicken biscuit twice. Got a small order of cheese grits too and they were banging. The best thing I tried tho was my friends chicken biscuit smothered in brown gravy..... holy moly at the depth of flavors in this gravy! The best brown gravy I think I've tried, and If it isn't the best it's dang hard to best. I love this place and I will definitely be back every chance I get
I feel like a spot such as Narobia's Grits & Gravy is totally what Yelp is all about. We came to Savannah for a long weekend trip and probably would not have found Narobia's without a service like Yelp. And our trip would not have been as great without their awesome cuisine. My girlfriend found Narobia's and after a morning kayaking excursion we stopped in for breakfast. We both had the breakfast platter, where I had the beef sausage and she had the crab stew. On the side were hash browns, biscuits, eggs and grits. Everything was amazing, exactly what we wanted and expected from a city with a great food reputation such as Savannah. The style perfectly matches the cuisine, and is finished by friendly, fast service and a chill environment. Overall we had a great time at Narobia's Grits & Gravy and our only complaint is we don't have enough time in our trip to go back. See you next time we are in town!
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2019 Habersham St, Саванна, Джорджия, США
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