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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $31 - $50
4331 Kauai Beach Dr, Лихуэ
Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
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Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
+ 17 фото Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
+ 16 фото Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
+ 14 фото Фотография Naupaka Terrace Restaurant
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Попробуйте хорошие фаланги краба, цыплёнка с песто и яйца бенедикт. Закажите здесь вкусно приготовленные яблоки в карамели, вишневый пирог и кокосовый торт. Обязательно посетите этот ресторан, если вы хотите попробовать неплохой май тай, пино гриджо или пейл-эль. Многие клиенты Naupaka Terrace Restaurant рекомендуют неплохой фруктовый сок, зеленый чай со льдом или шипучка.

Удобное расположение этого места позволяет легко добраться до него даже в час пик. По мнению посетителей, персонал здесь услужливый. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого заведения. Этот ресторан предлагает блюда по привлекательным ценам. В Naupaka Terrace Restaurant вам понравятся замечательный интерьер и отличная атмосфера. Клиенты оценивают это место на 4 на Google.

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Sam H.
One of the worst places I've eaten at. Unfortunately, it seemed to be understaffed so delays can be understandable (food took about 1 hour to come out!). However, the waitress (Gina) was rude and even left randomly midway through taking our order! She also served others who came in after us first! The manager seems to be aware of these issues and randomly came over to ask about the issues without us even flagging him down. The food was also very bad. We had the "Aina bowl" and the fish and chips. The fish was extremely dry and we got like 2 tiny pieces of fish for dishes we spent about $30 each on. The fish was also flavorless. The salad did not seem to be very thoroughly washed as well. Finally, to add insult to injury, they messed up our order of sides. It seems obvious now why when you're walking through the hallways of the hotel you'll see tons of take out / delivery boxes. Even our Uber driver commented on how he has so many UberEats deliveries to this resort! The hotel front desk staff at check-in will give you information on getting food delivered. Maybe they know what's up too. Summary: bad food, small portions of fish, terrible service, high prices. Avoid!
Dave Neeley
We tried to get breakfast from here while we were quarantined in a room at the resort. All voice message systems directed us to order takeout via the website, but said site only offers lunch and dinner, and for us seemed to offer nothing. The place does serve breakfast, presumably for guests only, but it was not obvious to us how we could order it.
Dave Dub
This review is for Naupaka Terrace restaurant. It's the main restaurant on the resort.The prices (entree average price was around $30) compared to almost anywhere else on the island suggest that you're in for a great dining experience. Unfortunately we had anything but.The outdoor tables overlook the active pool area of the resort. However the chairs are low seated, so you must reach up to enjoy your meal. Oh wait, did I say enjoy? I meant endure.Our waiter was very flustered, did not answer our simple questions (q: which fish do you recommend? a: i think the steak is great), and obviously forgot to enter our order, as other tables had been served entrees before we got our appetizer. After far too long a wait, we got our appetizer which appeared to be a non-fresh pot sticker. After a much longer wait, we got our entrees which were obviously not fresh. We stopped eating at some point because we were seriously worried about the handling & quality of the food, and didn't want to spend our vacation with intestinal discomfort.The waiter was very nice. It was obvious that he was having a rough day. But, for our $100+ dinner, we were completely disappointed in the entire experience. There is a GREAT place to spend $100+ on dinner just down the road at Hukilau Lanai. The restauranteurs at Naupaka would do themselves a service to head there and see what a premium dining experience should be.If you must eat something on the resort, go to the Shutters bar (live music 7-10) and order dessert or the cheese plate. The entrees are prepared in the same kitchen and are equally underwhelming.
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4331 Kauai Beach Dr, Лихуэ, Гавайи, США
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