Морепродукты, Китайская, Вьетнамская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 11:30 - 21:30
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $25-50
518 W Las Tunas Dr, Сан-Гейбриел
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Фотография Newport Seafood
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Фотография Newport Seafood
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Зайдите в этот ресторан и откройте для себя меню китайскую и вьетнамскую кухни. Многие посетители рекомендуют заказать здесь вкусно приготовленную соленую говядину, королевского краба и мидии на пару. В Newport Seafood вам подадут хороший апельсиновый десерт и аппетитные пончики. Многие клиенты этого места часто заказывают неплохое пиво, вино или биттер. В этом заведении стоит попробовать хороший тайский чай, смузи или сок.

Многие гости пользуются услугой "еда на вынос". Большинство гостей говорят, что персонал здесь терпеливый. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого ресторана. Большинство клиентов пишут, что цены здесь привлекательные. Вы обязательно оцените отличную атмосферу и первоклассный интерьер. Множество посетителей оценили Newport Seafood на 4.5 на Trip.

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Really good tasting food. Great atmosphere. Free valet parking. Need to come back and try the more traditional dishes to see if I'd give it 5 stars for authenticity.
Wow. That is all that I can say about this restaurant. My bf's friend is a foodie and knows all of the go to "spots" in LA and the surrounding areas and this place was highly recommended. We checked it out and were not disappointed. Apparently this place gets packed by 5 pm so make sure to go early, unless you want to wait a few hours to get a table. As soon as you walk in, you see tanks filled with massive and I mean, HUGE crab and other seafood ready to be cooked. We let our friend order as he's a frequent diner. He ordered the LARGEST and I mean largest Lobster they had and green beans, steak cubes, bok choy, pickled cucumber, shrimp fried rice and this fish dish and WOW, I definitely ate a few days worth of dishes in this seating. The place started getting packed and as I walked around to the restroom, I noticed that most if not all tables ordered the lobster. It's so well made an highly recommended to go. The parking lot gets packed and they do Valet only.
I have never been to Newport Seafood before. I came for a friend's birthday celebration. We were forced to valet the car which I generally don't like doing. Once we got out, I was excited to see that they were featured on ugly delicious AND a 2019 Michelin recipient. I was super excited to try the food. We got there at 4:10ish and there wasn't a wait. Someone else had done a yelp check in, but there was no need since there wasn't anyone there. We asked for the lunch specials menu, but decided to get the $148 set menu instead. The set included catfish hot and sour soup, clams with basil, salt and pepper crab and shrimp, Kung Pao chicken, steamed whole fish, sautéd pea sprout, Peking style pork chop, and beef loclac (French style). In addition, we also ordered the lobster with noodles. There definitely was a lot of food. We had seven people, and there was more than enough food. There was so much food that it didn't fit on the lazy Susan. I'm not sure that set menu was designed for 7 people. The food was mediocre - I've tasted better. The noodles for the lobster noodles was over cooked. There wasn't that much lobster and it was so hard to get the meat.  The crab was very similar as well. The worst part - the service. I definitely expected much better service given the fact that it has a Michelin. The servers were so rude and barely paid attention to us. We would ask them questions and they never responded.  We served ourselves for everything. I usually expect that the servers portion out the soup. They never removed our used soup dishes. We had piles of dirty dishes on the table. Never once did they offer to change out our plates to a new one. Once we left, it took forever to get out because our car was valeted. We had to wait a while and all the cars were stuck. I would definitely not come again.
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518 W Las Tunas Dr, Сан-Гейбриел, Калифорния, США
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