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Гавайская, Суши, Морепродукты, Салат, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 11:30
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
261 Elm St, Сомервилл
Фотография Pokeworks
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Фотография Pokeworks
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Фотография Pokeworks
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Этот ресторан находится неподалеку от Davis Square. В Pokeworks попробуйте блюда гавайской кухни. Многие гости рекомендуют заказать здесь вкусно приготовленные суши, лосося и тунца.

Множество клиентов отмечают, что персонал в этом месте гостеприимный. Посетители считают, что здесь восхитительный сервис. По отзывам посетителей, в этом заведении демократичные цены. Большинство посетителей оценили этот ресторан на 4.5 на Trip.

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Perfect place to grab a post-workout meal! Wide assortment of seafood and toppings for when you get tired of Chipotle across the street. Javier was quick with prepping it.
Was great healthy clean food great quality fast easy
Dear management, please talk to the African American man (rounder man serving the food) working there (or just let him go!) - he was extremely rude to me and my friend. He was so unwilling to add ingredients to our bowls and made aggressive comments like "see now this is what I'm saying you should have warned me.." while shaking his head. He criticized us repeatedly for making a 'complicated' order when we had specifically told him which bowl we wanted, the Hawaiian. We were also very respectful towards him so his attitude was unwarranted. Clearly this man does not know the menu, but more importantly he does not know how to treat customers with basic respect. I would have been fine if he just lacked manners; however, this employee went out of his way to make us feel bad about ourselves and ruin our day. On top of it all, the portions he gave us were ridiculously small and my double protein was just a few chunks of salmon and a few chunks of tuna. We left still hungry and very upset over our experience. Safe to say we will not be back anytime soon, which is disappointing since I used to be a huge fan of Pokeworks and frequented the place often.
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261 Elm St, Сомервилл, Массачусетс, США
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Режим работы
ПонедельникПн 11:30-22:00
ВторникВт 11:30-22:00
СредаСр 11:30-22:00
ЧетвергЧт 11:30-22:00
ПятницаПт 11:30-22:00
СубботаСб 11:30-22:00
ВоскресеньеВс 11:30-22:00