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10039 University City Blvd l, Шарлотт
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Шарлотт, Северная Каролина, США

Множество клиентов пишут, что в этом баре предлагают вкусную курицу, таро и китайские пельмени с курицей. Многие посетители приходят сюда, чтобы заказать хорошие вафли. В Quickly вам предложат замечательный чай с шариками, чай с молоком или тайский чай.

По словам гостей, персонал здесь потрясающий. Гостям нравится восхитительный сервис. Цены здесь умеренные. Посетители оценивают это место на Yelp на 4.5.

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I wish they would have a location in South Carolina it’s that good. The service was really good and fast and the cashier was very friendly and helpful. The menu is a lot bigger then I thought. Definitely worth a look
I am legitimately angry that I didn't know about this place before this week!! This is the best boba and bubble tea location I've ever been to across Charlotte! I'm only ordering from here from now on!
Some Boba shops make their milk tea THICKLY Some make their fruit drinks sweet and SICKLY Some get their tea from PIGGLY WIGGLY But you'll find good Boba drinks at QUICKLY Don't blame me if your sisters PICK ME Don't blame me if your girlfriends LICK ME Not my fault if your boyfriends want to D**K ME Anyway, wanna go for Boba at QUICKLY? WHAT What to get: Mochi Waffle, Fruit teas! What not to do (boys): Orgasm too Quickly Quickly is the nickname of most boys I know. And we're talking less than 60 seconds. I know, right. I thought Gone In 60 Seconds was a Nic Cage movie, it's not. It's a descriptive for 95% of men. What a shame. Let me quickly tell you what I love about this quickly... The Mochi Waffles! And the service! There, I said it! The boba teas are good too. So I came back to the Quickly to which I gave a very depressingly low rating, because Barbie told me to - and I'm so very glad I listened to her! Considering they are a chain then you can understand why I wasn't into it, because their milk tea is iffy and pre-made, which is why they can't give you any of the fruit teas with black tea which is what I like. So I gave up The Ghost (not sure why that's in capitals but ok), and ordered a Fruit Tea. With green tea of course. So I got the guava fruit tea and I was expecting it to be bad and fake tasting but it was actually pretty good and tasty and the tapioca was really really nice and Squishy and the aloe vera that I put in there with nice too, and you get tres free toppings (three) (and there's not a tres of greediness here), which is generous - and then the customers as well absolutely awesome with a beautiful asian Barbie lookalike, in the store with her sexy muscle boyfriend, and then a gorgeous caucasian Barbie lookalike sitting down looking all perfect. So I was very glad that Barbie sent me back here, and noticed the Mochi Waffle ad on the wall, so I brought Bae back here with me as soon as she was in the deep south, and my goodness, she loved it! We loved our drinks, she loved her Mochi Waffle, and we actually ended up thinking this is the best, the friendliest, the tastiest, and the most awesome boba shop in Charlotte, and the best Quickly location anywhere in the country! So all in all I have to give them five stars - especially for the excellent customer service and how friendly the guy is - like on another level friendly... he should win an award for it. So let me quickly finish this by saying the word "so".
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10039 University City Blvd l, Шарлотт, Северная Каролина, США
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