Морепродукты, Итальянская, Стейк-хаус, Подходит для вегетарианцев
Открыт сейчас 07:30 - 22:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя MXN 230 - 680
Carretera Tulum Ruinas, Av. Boca Paila Km 3.5, Тулум
Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
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Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Restaurant Piedra Escondida
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Проложить маршрут Carretera Tulum Ruinas, Av. Boca Paila Km 3.5
Тулум, Кинтана-Роо, Мексика

В этом стейк хаусе посетителям подают блюда итальянской кухни, все это представлено в меню ресторана. В Restaurant Piedra Escondida предлагают изумительный стейк из филе, тунца и тако из рыбы. Обязательно попробуйте здесь неплохое шоколадное суфле. В этом месте можно заказать замечательные коктейли маргарита, вино или мохито. Здесь стоит заказать хороший кофе.

По вечерам здесь играет живая музыка. Гости утверждают, что персонал в этом заведении квалифицированный. Восхитительный сервис - большой плюс этого стейк хауса. Многие считают, что цены здесь привлекательные. Вы обязательно оцените впечатляющую атмосферу и современный интерьер. Restaurant Piedra Escondida имеет рейтинг 4.5 на Trip.

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Delicious lobster pasta, friendly & fast service.
We stayed here for two nights in October 2019. We should have stayed longer. It was one of the prettiest hotels I have been to. We could actually see the sea from our bed. It was beautiful. The breakfast was also just awesome and yummy and came with a view. We will definitely return. No more words needed.
Stayed in Room A Superior for a few days this October and absolutely loved it! Always check their website directly for deals. Since it was off-season, there was an extra discount by booking through them directly. I do have to say, Nayeli was fantastic via email with us for months prior to our reservation! She was always available to answer questions for me. Once we arrived, we were welcomed by Grace, and she was so friendly and always smiling! She made sure our stay was pleasant! The rest of the staff was wonderful, I wish I could remember all their names! Ulices and Desiderio were wonderful at the restaurant as well.The location of the hotel is great. It's in the Zone Hotelera near other restaurants and bars and hotels, so you can hop around throughout the day if you'd like, or just stay on the beach.Room A Superior was on the second floor of the boutique style rooms. The inside was cozy, we had a couch, 2 balconies, a hammock, and patio furniture to sit out and watch the ocean waves crash. The thatch roof was sealed so we never had bugs in the room. The AC always worked great as well! Didn't have any problems keeping cool when we were in the room. And the bed was extremely comfortable, no complaints! We would close the blinds around the bed nightly just for the look, no real need for mosquito nets unless you keep your balcony door open and they get in. The safe was easy to use and just the right size for our wallets and passports...don't plan on bringing anything larger than in iPad if you want to lock it up.The room was clean, and because of it being a beachside hotel, sand in your room was inevitable, but it only added to the charm of the place! The room was cleaned daily and we always had fresh towels, toiletries, and 2 bottles of fresh water. Use this water to brush your teeth! The water from the faucet is salty, which we were warned about prior to our stay. The shower is also a little salty. They give you shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, mosquito repellent, and aloe vera gel. You also has 2 beach towels that could get changed as needed as well in a cute carry bag to get you to the beach.The beach is semi-private and they did their best to clean up the seaweed daily, multiple times a day if needed. Unfortunately the seaweed issue along the entire Riviera Maya is apparent, so you can't really get into the water by the shoreline. This however does not take away the gorgeous views you get at this hotel, by your room, by the restaurant, and on the beach. There were sea turtle nests protected by the staff, and they monitor them nightly to look for hatchlings and protect them to guide them into the water. We couldn't catch any hatching while we stayed! I would of loved to. And I admire how much the staff loves to take care of them as if they were their own.The food, wow! The food was incredible! We had dinner our first night and since I had seen the fresh lobster coming in from the beach, I had to order the grilled lobster! It was amazing!!! The drinks were always delicious as well! And the breakfast was so good! I did not have a bad meal or drink during our stay! We almost didn't want to leave!! I will always stay at this hotel whenever in Tulum.Cabs were always easy to grab right outside the hotel making it very easy to get around.
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Carretera Tulum Ruinas, Av. Boca Paila Km 3.5, Тулум, Кинтана-Роо, Мексика
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