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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя CAD 11-30
8351 River Road, Ричмонд
Фотография Richmond Night Market
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Фотография Richmond Night Market
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Фотография Richmond Night Market
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Проложить маршрут 8351 River Road, V6X 1Y4
Ричмонд, Британская Колумбия, Канада

В Richmond Night Market представлены блюда китайской кухни. Это место славится хорошим жареным цыпленком, кальмаром на гриле и жареными кальмарами. В этом заведении вам приготовят неплохое мороженое с манго, яичные вафли и блины. Закажите вкусное вино. Если верить гостям, здесь хороший чай с шариками, сок и чай с молоком.

Удобное расположение Richmond Night Market позволяет легко добраться до него на любом виде транспорта. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте квалифицированный. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого заведения. Richmond Night Market предлагает блюда по привлекательным ценам. Спокойная атмосфера этого места привлекает многих гостей. Многие посетители оценивают это заведение на 4.5 на Zomato.

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This market is probably my biggest regret during our vacation in Vancouver. You pay to get in, only to be surrounded by overpriced food trucks, and lots and lots of high school kids. I was expecting so much more, and well, this was the equivalent of a small town carnival...when there are certainly better things you could be spending your night doing in this lovely city. I highly recommend dodging this event if you're in town while it's going on.
Very fun and good selection of Asian street food to try... parking was easy . Go hungry because there is so much different things to try...
This night market makes most of the food festivals in the U.S look pretty SAD... Established in 2000, The Richmond Night Market must be the pioneer of all night markets, because this has become a popular destination whether you're a local or tourist in the Richmond area. SIDE NOTE: **THE NIGHT MARKET SEASON FOR 2019 HAS ALREADY ENDED. IT WAS ON ALL WEEKENDS FROM MAY 10 THROUGH OCTOBER 14** This night market has had various locations throughout the years, but has been in their current location since 2012. Getting there is very easy. Take the Canada Line all the way to Bridgeport,  then follow the signs to the night market, about a 5-10 minute walk. We had a pretty good position in the GENERAL LINE, But honestly, the ZOOM PASS LINE is where you wanna be. For $28 dollars, the zoom pass is good for 6 people, and you'll get access into the night market before the general admission line. Luckily for us, a local woman came over to the general admission line where we were, looking for a couple of people to fill her zoom pass, and immediately I got her attention and said "We'll do it!" before anyone else could answer. Snooze, you lose! ;) Luckily, the woman who we jumped on the zoom pass with and her buddies had up front positions in the zoom pass line,  because as the time got nearer to opening,  the zoom pass  line grew to just as large as the general admission line! We got in at 7pm and went straight to the food vendors. **Now keep in mind the fact that we did a Thomas Haas MEGA DESSERT/PASTRY breakfast and another MEGA LUNCH MARATHON at Granville Island before coming here!** Here are the delicious dishes we demolished with the stomach space we had left: MAC-A-ROTI & CHEESE WITH BACON-JALAPEÑO DRIZZLE from Mamak-La CRISPY GARLIC  CHICKEN SKINS SALMON AND AHI CRISPY NORI TACOS from Nori Express MANGO MOCHI FREEZE from Mango Yummy THAI TEA PANNA COTTA WITH SQUID INK DOK JOK from Tuk Tuk These were delicious!!! The disappointments of the night were the MANGO-COCONUT DUCK PUDDING and DONUT POPSICLE from Angel Duck Cafe. These were good examples of food fails, or "Instagrammable Food" (food items that look and sound better than they taste, and items that foodies will post on their IG for likes and followers. I should have known better,  but it is what it is... We were done with the dining segment,  so the rest of the time we checked out all the cool shop vendors and entertainment until about 10 pm. Some great takeaways from this event : Very clean, massive space regardless of the crowds(more like a controlled chaos) Variety of food offerings- definitely something for everyone NIGHT MARKET HAPPY HOUR, 10-11pm All food vendors slash their prices the last  hour of the night market, and because of this, there was still a LONNNNNNG line of people trying to get in when we left at 10pm **other night markets need to do this!** Games/entertainment/non-food vendors galore,  no shortage of seating/lounging areas (Vegas food festivals and night markets charge a $50 VIP fee for lounging areas-BOO!) Very well maintained public restrooms The overall sense of community at this event-everyone is just enjoying the event with  friends and family,   different races, colors, and creeds cordial with one another,  and no fights or misbehaving people around. Definitely somewhere I'd be looking to return in the future. Thanks for a great time Richmond Night Market! ALOHA!!! SHAKA METER: \uuu/  \uuu/  \uuu/  \uuu/  \uuu/  5
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8351 River Road, Ричмонд, Британская Колумбия, Канада, V6X 1Y4
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