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159 Rockland Rd, Роско
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Фотография Rockland House
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Фотография Rockland House
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Постоянные гости отмечают, что в этом ресторане готовят неплохой стейк-салаты, суп и стейк флэт айрон. Множество посетителей пишут, что марсала хорошая. Уютная атмосфера Rockland House позволяет гостям расслабиться после тяжелого дня. Посетители утверждают, что персонал в этом месте энергичный. По словам клиентов, сервис великолепный. Здесь можно заказать блюда по средним ценам. Клиенты присудили этому заведению оценку 4 на Trip.

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Awesome place. I have a house around there. Sometimes I don’t even go to it, I just stay in the motel. It’s the perfect trifecta of a brewery, a restaurant and bar, and a motel. The food is bar food, with pizza that’s not bad. Also- the prime rib and salad bar are pretty good too. I recommend this stop on any drive through town or as a final destination.
I can here for the resteraunt part, not for the motel so this review is just about the food not the motel. My family enjoyed their food and said it was good, they have a salad bar with various condiments and sauces not to mention they had soup and bread. The tables were neat and the resteraunt had a lovely ambiance. They people that attend this resteraunt usually are people in their late 40's or above. Their menu doesnt have a wide selection of foods like you can find at other resteraunt but it was enough. Now as I said earlier my family loved the food but I thought otherwise. I ordered a fillet mignon and I order it well done with fries as a side. When I received my food the stake was cooked more like a medium rare and I personally hate red beef but I know other like it but it doesnt discount the fact that it wasn't cooked how I liked. So we called the waitress over who was very nice and we told her that it wasn't well done and asked for it to be cooked more. When she returned the middle of the steak was fully cooked how I like but when I cut each half of the steak into quarters there was still red! I ate the parts that were well dont but couldn't enjoy all the steak due to the red and we were ready to leave so we didn't want to wait another 5mins for it to be cooked even more. So when the waitress came back we said it was still red and vocalized our problem and then we got the bill that we were fine paying full price but she was nice enough to discount us due to the steak. Overall a beautiful resteraunt and lovely ambiance but cant cook a small steak well done. I will still be returning eventually but will make sure to express the fact that I want it well done. P.s: I know this is a long review over an undercooked steak but i just wanted to share my full experience, I still recommend people to come here.Service: 5/5Food: 3/5 Ambiance: 4/5General age demographic: late 40's +
Ok so I’ve been going to the Rockland House for most of my life (my parents favorite place for Prime Rib and one of my favorite places for some drinks ????) but It was imperative to share my most recent experience:
After far too many drinks there this Halloween after date-night with my hubby, a friend of ours left his bank card and $100 in our room at their motel after he left to go to his own room.
Well I found the bank card on the floor but not the money. After reaching out to the owner Tom the next day, he said it had been FOUND and our friend could come claim his money.
This is an HONEST and FAIR family-owned business that always wants the best experience for their patrons.
They have always taken care of me and any crew I go there with, for as far back as I can remember. Most places or staff would’ve 100% kept this money for themselves, but not The Rockland House! Thanks guys!
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159 Rockland Rd, Роско, Нью-Йорк, США
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