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В Rothen-Burger есть внутреннее оформление, пиво и многое другое
Гамбургеры из "Rothen-Burger" придутся по вкусу любому гурману
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Этот ресторан находится недалеко от местной достопримечательности - Siebers Tower. Многие гости рекомендуют заказать вкусные гамбургеры, сладкий картофель фри и кудрявый картофель фри. Обязательно закажите здесь неплохие бриоши. Пиво в Rothen-Burger хорошее.

Большинство гостей считают, что персонал здесь квалифицированный. Клиентам нравится отличный сервис. В этом месте низкие цены. Многим гостям нравится очаровательная атмосфера. Это заведение имеет оценку 4.5 в рейтинговой системе Google.

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user_Igor Viktorov
Отличные бургер и пиво )))
user_Rachel Salaka
The food was awesome! And also so worth the price. I got a burger and a Chili-Cheese fries as a side dish and I couldn’t finish. It’s hard to find a free table when you come during busy hours. Reservation is recommended!
user_Erica F.
This restaurant is inside this town that is built in fort style castle thing? idk how to explain, but driving in here is not an option, but, there are parking lots right outside of this town. The restaurant is near the entrance of the city a pretty short walk to be honest. They are inside a basement area, and they have no A/C as most places in the country so if you come in the summer it will be a little warm. The staff is k, not the friendliest however they speak some English. This place is CASH ONLY so make sure to have those euros with you when you come here, there are plenty of ATMs a short walk inside the town just in case you forgot money. ROTHEN-BURGER - I got this burger and I added an egg. the brioche bun is amazing and the way they cook the meat is perfect. this was a pretty nice burger and the size was amazing. the price is a bit on the expensive side but it was definitely worth it. CHILLI CHEESE FRIES - here is where I wanna justify my rating on this place, the burgers do not come with fries, and I am ok with that, however, I ordered the chilli cheese fries, all I got was a porting of fries with the smallest bowl with some cheese and one jalapeño slice in there. My problem was not the spice level, but the size of the serving of sauce, it was a 7 dollar cheese fries, and the dip was so small it did not even cover half of the fries, not even just dipping the fries, as fries with mayo and catchup and half the price and I would get 2 dips, given they were the same size of the cheese it would be still larger than the cheese serving. The worse part is that they charge for condiments so once I realised how small the cheese dip was, I would have to pay to get any other dip...... it was just a rip off Also they charge for water but that is a common practice in the state it seems. Overall the burgers are amazing and I would eat them again, but the fries are not a great idea just because of the condiment situation, in my opinion.
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Фастфуд, Американская, Подходит для вегетарианцев
ЗакрытОткроется в 12:00
$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя 9 €-24 €
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Проложить маршрут Spitalgasse 6
Ротенбург-об-дер-Таубер, Бавария, Германия
Spitalgasse 6, Ротенбург-об-дер-Таубер, Бавария, Германия
Веранда Возможна оплата картами Нет доставки Еда навынос Бронирование столиков Нет доступа для кресел-каталок Wi-Fi
Режим работы
ПонедельникПн 17:00-21:00
ВторникВт Закрыт
СредаСр 12:00-21:00
ЧетвергЧт 12:00-21:00
ПятницаПт 12:00-21:00
СубботаСб 12:00-21:30
ВоскресеньеВс 12:00-20:30

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