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Фотография SkinnyFATS
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Фотография SkinnyFATS
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SkinnyFATS specializes in healthy and happy menu items that cater to a variety of dietary needs, while providing tasty and delicious meals and snacks that are out of this world. The menu is a melting pot of cultural favorites with thoughtful ingredients and savory flavors.

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I love SkinnyFATS, and this one specifically. I usually postmates my order or my husband and I will go when we are out. The wait is a little long, but everything is prepared fresh and they always adhere to dietary concerns (I can't have mushrooms and they've never once forgotten to omit them when asked). Love it and will always go back.
This was my first visit and I would say that it was just okay. The restaurant was cool. The atmosphere was nice. I had the chicken and waffles, and it was okay. The chicken had no seasoning and the waffles were a little tough to cut.
Foods always good. Staff is always friendly. Food is great just a little pricey
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