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705 W Main St, Шарлотсвилл
Фотография Snowing in Space
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Фотография Snowing in Space
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Фотография Snowing in Space
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Это кафе находится неподалеку от Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. В Snowing in Space подают вкусные сэндвичи. Вам понравится неплохое мороженое. В этом месте обязательно попробуйте замечательный холодный кофе, колд брю или чай.

Большинство гостей считают, что персонал здесь терпеливый. В этом заведении демократичные цены. Вам понравится хорошая атмосфера. Рейтинг этого кафе на Yelp составляет 4.5.

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This isn't my cup of tea. The coffee has a very strange off flavor. I tried 3 different flavors and none of them was good to me. I see all the great reviews and I love cold brew so I was very excited to try it but in the end was very disappointed.
Definitely very nice... And the customer service was AWESOME
I visited Snowing In Space a few Sunday afternoons during the summer of 2019 while in Charlottesville for work. They have a great selection of nitro cold brews and seemed to be the supplier of a lot of nitros on tap at various coffeeshops in the area. The place wasn't too busy when I visited and I was able to get some studying done while I was there (wifi is password protected, but they're happy to give out the password and it's pretty reliable, even when you're using a VPN). I imagine the place gets busier when UVA's in session, though. The 1st time I visited, I got the "Hug" and the 2nd time the "UG Luv." Both times, I got my drink with soy milk since I was on a vegan streak at the time. Both drinks were really sweet and delicious, although getting the nitros black is probably the healthier option. Having tried Snowing In Space nitros at nearby Mudhouse and Iron Paffles, I would highly recommend them, as they are really smooth and the different flavors are actually pretty distinctive. The coffeeshop is very brightly decorated and benefits from a good amount of natural lighting in the daytime. During 1 of my visits, a pretty big group of people came in, some of them bringing outside food with them, and the staff seemed pretty chill about it, although they did eventually ask them to keep it down when they started blasting music from 1 of their phones (which was appreciated, since it was pretty disruptive). Posted hours are 7 AM daily, but note that summer hours start at 8 AM, although this might not get updated on Yelp or their website. The coffeeshop is located within walking distance from the Downtown Mall.
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705 W Main St, Шарлотсвилл, Вирджиния, США
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