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$$$$ Стоимость на одного гостя $11-30
1 Belmont St, Кеймбридж
Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
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Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
+ 17 фотографий Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
+ 16 фотографий Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
+ 14 фотографий Фотография Sofra Bakery & Cafe
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Если вы хотите попробовать средиземноморскую и турецкую кухни, то стоит зарезервировать столик в этом ресторане. Здесь стоит заказать изумительную шакшуку, фалафель и тапас. Многие гости рекомендуют попробовать хороший йогурт, пончики и шоколадное печенье. Закажите неплохое вино. Приходите в Sofra Bakery & Cafe и попробуйте вкусный чай латте, чай со льдом или лимонад.

Многие гости пользуются услугой "еда на вынос". Большинство посетителей считают, что персонал здесь энергичный. Великолепный сервис - большой плюс этого места. Цены здесь привлекательные. По отзывам клиентов, в этом заведении роскошный интерьер и уютная атмосфера. Посетители оценили этот ресторан на 4.5 на Zomato.

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This is one of the most laid-back cafes that I’ve been to in a long time. Food is delicious and the atmosphere is wonderful. Alfresco when seasonal.
Baked goods are always good here!
Came to Sofra on a Saturday around 11:30 AM to a short line on the inside (which moves quickly). I had heard great things about it after going to both Sarma and Oleana, its higher-end small plates sister restaurants in the Boston area. Middle Eastern cuisine is my absolute favorite so of course I had to come to Sofra, despite it being on the other side of town.When you walk in, it is quite small and packed with other fellow lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu is all written on cardboard which adds a certain level of humility of the restaurant, despite its great reputation. To dine in, you order at the counter, take a number, and try to find a table. Though it was busy, people were considerate of others looking for tables and didn't linger too long. We were able to sit down as we were waiting for our food (which took about 5 - 10 minutes).I was fortunate enough to come to the restaurant with my friend of Turkish descent who is familiar with many of the things on the menu so we ordered things that I wouldn't necessarily think to get (but I am glad I did):Kougin Amman - Puff pastry filled with oozing chocolate Halva (a sesame based food, often sweet)...probably my favorite thing we got. While Halva is usually semi-solid and something you take bites of, this halva oozed out and complimented the puff pastry perfectly. Definitely get at least one of the pastries while you're here.Morning Bun - we didn't even order it but since you are elbow to elbow with your neighbors (and people here are so friendly), our neighbors let us try a piece of their morning bun with orange blossom glaze. My Goodness! The vibrancy of the flavor and the smell. I tasted the orange more than I ever have in any pastry before. Will definitely be getting one of my own when I come back.Asure - my friend described this as oatmeal but with chickpeas. It's filled with pistachios, dried fruit, and almonds and is so warming on a cold day. This is something I wouldn't think to get but am glad I did.Lamb Shawarma - I am a big shawarma fan but I was actually disappointed by this one. I thought it would come grilled/sliced on a big pita with lots of veggies and sauces but it came in this little egg-roll type pastry with hummus on the side. It was tasty but the lamb was ground up and for what we paid, I would expect a larger portion.Cheese Borek - also one of my favorites but something I wouldn't think to order. This is basically doughy squares of bread filled with cheese that you dip in more cheese (labneh, which is a white spreadable cheese).Turkish Tea Latte - I am not a hot beverage drinker but my friend is and she said it was delicious and came in the cutest little cup. See picture for evidence.Overall, a great brunch experience and one that I will be schlepping out to West Cambridge for when I am craving some Turkish breakfast food.Also important to note: This restaurant also serves as a small grocery store of middle eastern goodies...definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed your meal.
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1 Belmont St, Кеймбридж, Массачусетс, США
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